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D.C. Charter School Graduation Rates Dip To 69 Percent

The public charter school system in D.C. saw a decrease of 7 percentage points in the overall high school graduation rate last year.

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D.C. Keeps Charter School Graduation Rate Under Wraps

Just how many kids graduate from D.C.'s public and charter schools?
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As Part Of New Budget, D.C. To Open Four New Schools, Shrink Central Office

Under the new D.C. public school budget, four schools will be opened, the central office will shrink, at-risk students will get more funding, and one school will extend its school year.
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Report: Low-Cost Apartments All But Gone, Rent Hikes Hitting Most D.C. Residents

A new report finds that the city’s stock of affordable rental housing is all but gone.
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For D.C. Streetcar Line, 2.2 Miles' Worth Of Questions Remain

Whatever safety issues are holding up the grand opening of the H Street Northeast line are not obvious to the naked eye. So what are they?

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Protesters Criticize D.C. Police For 'Jump-Outs' And Other Police Tactics

Protesters used a D.C. police oversight hearing on Tuesday to denounce policing tactics they termed heavy-handed and racist.
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After Critical Audit, D.C. Reviewing Contract With Group That Serves Homeless

D.C. officials say they are reviewing the city's relationship with a non-profit organization that has been accused of overbilling the city and potentially breaking the law in the management of two contracts worth over $80 million for services to homeless residents.
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Report: Half Of D.C. High School Students Are Chronically Truant

In D.C. public high schools more than 50 percent of students are chronically truant, meaning they've missed more than 10 days of school.
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Smile, You're On Camera: D.C. Police Expand Body-Worn Camera Program

The D.C. police department has decided to make permanent a program that will outfit officers with body-worn cameras.
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Undocumented Immigrants Face Challenge In Getting D.C. Driver's License: Language

It's been close to a year that undocumented immigrants in D.C. have been able to apply for driver's licenses, but one significant hurdle remains: the road skills test they need to pass is only available in English.