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Washington Monument To Remain Closed; Elevators Face Increased Scrutiny

The monument will remain closed until at least Thursday, the National Park Service says. Politicians are seeking guarantees that there will be no more elevator problems that cause shutdowns.

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D.C. Schools Improved Under Mayoral Control, But Progress Remains Uneven

The first formal assessment of D.C.'s public schools since mayoral control was granted in 2007 finds that while small gains have been made, work remains to be done.
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'Goods, Not Guns': D.C. Businesses Urged To Say 'No' To Concealed Handguns

In what could be the first visible sign of how the District is adapting to an era of looser gun laws, two D.C. residents are kicking off a campaign on Tuesday to encourage local businesses to post signs prohibiting patrons from entering with concealed handguns.
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Residents East Of Anacostia Blame New 11th Street Bridge For Traffic Woes

The new 11th Street Bridge was designed to relieve traffic between Anacostia Freeway and I-695, but residents east of the river say their local roads have been clogged with spillover.

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What If Pepco Was Replaced With A City-Owned Electric Utility?

While the D.C. Council weighs the merger of power companies Exelon and Pepco, one D.C. Council member wants to study the feasability of a municipally-owned utility a la Seattle or Los Angeles.

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To Help Fight World Hunger, You Can Overeat At José Andrés' 'Dine-N-Dash'

On June 9, 17 restaurants in Penn Quarter will take part in the Dine-N-Dash, an event to help José Andrés' nonprofit World Central Kitchen fight hunger across the globe.
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Inside The Creation Of The Smithsonian's African American Museum

We get the latest on construction of the last new museum on the National Mall: the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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D.C. Residents Work To Keep The Reins As Woodridge Neighborhood Changes

Residents in D.C.'s Woodridge neighborhood say they're trying to shape how their community is redeveloped, as new businesses and homeowners settle in the area.
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Judge Denies D.C. Request For Immediate Stay Of Concealed Carry Ruling

A federal judge on Thursday refused to stay his decision tossing out a key provision of D.C.'s new concealed carry law, raising the likelihood that the city will have to review and possibly grant applications for concealed carry permits that were originally denied.
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Wherever D.C. Is Wild, Biologists Will Have A Plan For Action

Most states have a plan for protecting wildlife, especially species that are becoming increasingly rare. The District of Columbia lacks any such policy, but a new Wildlife Action Plan, in theory, will fill that void.