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Gun Rights Activists Ask Judge To Deny D.C. Request For Longer Stay Of Ruling

The legal wrangling over D.C.'s gun laws continues, and gun rights activists who are suing the city over its ban on handguns in public say the judge shouldn't postpone his ruling past 90 days.
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Streetcars Run Into Problems As Operator Training Begins On H Street

Streetcars rolled down H Street NE Monday for the first time in decades, but even the test run was marked by delays of the sort that promise to snarl traffic once passenger service begins.
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Fake Cab Driver Pleads Guilty For Robbing Drunk Riders Of $200,000

A man from Maryland has pleaded guilty to offering rides to intoxicated people and then using their ATM cards to withdraw money from their bank accounts.
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With National Championship, D.C. Ultimate Frisbee Grows In Stature

With a national championship-winning pro team and thousands of amateur players taking to the field every weekend, Washington, D.C. has become a hotbed for Ultimate Frisbee.
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Plaintiff In D.C. Gun Ruling Says City Would Be Safer With Concealed Carry

George Lyon, one of the plaintiffs in the recent ruling that tossed out the D.C. ban on carrying handguns outside the home, says that concealed carry rights would make everyone safer, but is willing to compromise on how and where carrying is allowed.
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Free Parking Trumps Transit Benefits, According To Virginia Tech Study

D.C. commuters respond to benefits and amenities for public transportation or biking, but they respond even more strongly to offers for free parking.
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D.C. Council Member Marion Barry Hospitalized After Minor Car Accident

D.C. Council member Marion Barry reports that he is "OK," following a car accident on Saturday night where he became disoriented and drove down the wrong side of the street.

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The Potter's House Mural In Adams Morgan May Not Be Around Much Longer

The iconic mural gracing the front of The Potter House in Adams Morgan may not be long for this world, as a renovation team plans to replace the imagery with something more friendly to the secular.

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U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Prompts Street Closures, Delays

More than 40 heads of state from Africa are in town this week for a summit, so expect delays in the areas around the World Bank, White House and the Mandarin Hotel.

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Streetcars Begin Rolling Down H Street Monday As Operator Training Begins

For the first time since 1962, four streetcars will move up and down the H Street/Benning Road corridor with the beginning of streetcar operator training on Monday.