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With Legalization The Reality In D.C., A New Seed Is Planted: Cannabis Capitalism

Marijuana is now legal in D.C., which means that someone is going to try to make money off of it.
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Judge Orders D.C. To Pay $9.2 Million For Wrongful Conviction

The D.C. government has been ordered to pay more than $9 million to Kirk Odom, a District man wrongly imprisoned for more than two decades.

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New Escalator At Dupont Circle South Already Undergoing Major Repair

Metro spent nine months and $12 million rebuilding the escalators at Dupont Circle South. So riders are asking themselves: why is one of those escalators broken already?

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Bowser Administration Considering Killing D.C. Streetcar Expansion Plans

The original vision for the D.C. Streetcar system was a 22-miles of track to connect disparate parts of the District. But a changing budget climate has led to pared down plans that could diminish the streetcar's value.

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D.C. Should Reject Pepco-Exelon Merger, Council Member Mary Cheh Says

If the Pepco-Exelon merger is approved, it would become the largest power distributor in the U.S. — but one D.C. lawmaker says it's bad business for the city.

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Dutch To D.C.: Actually, Our Pot Laws Are More Restrictive Than Yours

After D.C.'s mayor tried to reassure residents that D.C.'s new pot legalization law wouldn't make the city "like Amsterdam," the Dutch Embassy fired back to clarify that it's drug laws are stricter than D.C.'s are.
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D.C. Police Worry That Public Pot-Smoking Prohibition Will Be Tough To Enforce

As some in D.C. celebrate the new law legalizing marijuana, there are new concerns about whether police will be able to stop people from smoking marijuana in public.
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Anti-Marijuana Congressman Andy Harris: 'D.C. Made A Bad Decision'

A vocal opponent of marijuana legalization in D.C., Maryland Congressman Andy Harris says if one of his fellow Republicans captures the White House in 2016, he hopes they revisit Bowser's actions and prosecute her.
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Activists Demand A Police Culture Shift On LGBT Issues

LGBT activists and the Metropolitan Police Department are re-examining how the MPD's Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit interacts with the community it's supposed to serve.

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Hobby Lobby President's Museum Of The Bible Draws Praise And Skepticism

Two blocks south of the National Mall, construction is underway on the Museum of the Bible: a $400 million enterprise funded by Hobby Lobby president Steve Green.