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It's A Snow Day; Winter Storm Warning Effective Through 9 P.M.

The D.C. region is getting socked with snow Thursday morning, closing schools and the federal government, and forecasts call for the wet stuff to continue through the evening.

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Who Shovels The Snow In D.C.? It's Complicated.

After the snow stops falling, its up to a dizzying number of agencies and institutions — both local and federal — to shovel and clear the snow off of D.C. roads and sidewalks.
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D.C. Lottery Fights To Win Back Customers And Cash After Instant Ticket Drought

After a year-long contract dispute almost dried up the supply of instant lottery tickets in D.C., the tickets are back on sale — but it will take time for the lottery to win back the customers and cash it lost.
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Transportation App Bridj Has Bus-Sized Ambitions For D.C.

It works similar to other ride-sharing apps, in that you establish a location and destination, and order a ride. But you'll be shown where to catch a Bridj bus, instead of getting a vehicle at your door.

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Only Days After Legalizing Marijuana, D.C. Bans Cannabis Clubs

Marijuana may now be legal in D.C., but city leaders want residents to know that the only place to smoke is in their homes.
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D.C. Council Struggles With How To Respond To Congress Over Pot Legalization

Members of the D.C. Council were divided today over how to respond to a congressional request for information about a February debate on a bill that would legalize, tax and regulate the sales of marijuana in the city.
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A D.C. Man Walks Into A Police Station And Asks For Marijuana... And Gets It

One D.C. resident recently walked into a police station and asked for his marijuana to be returned to him, a right afforded to all residents under a new marijuana legalization law.
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New Goal Set For D.C.: Totally Eliminate Pedestrian Deaths

The Bowser administration will adopt Vision Zero — a program designed to assess street redesigns and other issues with the goal of totally making the city safe for pedestrians.

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A Year After Relisha Rudd Went Missing, D.C. Police Again Ask Public For Help

D.C. officials are again asking the public for help in finding Relisha Rudd, the nine-year-old D.C. girl who was taken from a homeless shelter last year.
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With Legalization The Reality In D.C., A New Seed Is Planted: Cannabis Capitalism

Marijuana is now legal in D.C., which means that someone is going to try to make money off of it.