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How Sketchy Is That D.C. Street? There's An App For That

Judging how safe a neighborhood is can be scientific as much as it can be subjective, but a new app born in D.C. lets users rate streets, corners and blocks based on how "sketchy" they are.
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'House Of Cards' To Film In D.C. This Weekend

A faux presidential motorcade will be filmed this weekend in D.C., but neither President Obama nor a certain fictitious commander-in-chief will actually be there.
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When D.C. General Is Your Last, Best Option

Tamika Smalls may not have good memories of her time at D.C. General, but now she's desperate to return.

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Increasing Number Of Homeless Students Puts Pressure On D.C. Public Schools

Nearly 30 percent of the students who attend Ketcham Elementary School in Southeast D.C. are homeless, and many stay at D.C. General.

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A Resident's Perspective On Life In D.C. General

Sherell McGee is many things: a cook, a mother, a high school graduate. She's also homeless. And her homelessness is related to one of McGee's other qualifiers — product of D.C.'s foster care system.

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From Public Hospital To Homeless Shelter: The Long History Of D.C. General

Washington's public hospital saw 200 years of shortages, overcrowding and waves of public outcry, but the 2001 decision to close the hospital was anything but popular.

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Growing Up At D.C. General: How Kids Cope With Shelter Life

For many kids, D.C. General is a home that feels increasingly unsafe following the disappearance of eight-year-old Relisha Rudd.

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Just Like 16 Years Ago, Marijuana Vote In D.C. Faces Congressional Obstacles

Congress blocked a 1998 D.C. vote legalizing medical marijuana for close to a decade, and advocates for a new ballot initiative that would legalize possession of less than two ounces of pot worry they could suffer the same fate.
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Single Mothers Join Wave Of Central American Immigrants Arriving In D.C. Area

The crisis in unaccompanied minors crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has been well-documented, but large numbers of single mothers and their young children have been making their way to D.C. from Central America as well.

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Carol Schwartz Files Signatures To Run For D.C. Mayor

The former D.C. council member is submitting more than 6,500 signatures to put her name on the mayoral ballot for the fifth time.