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How DC Water Is Trying To Turn Sewage Into Fertilizer For Your Food

Can the stuff we flush be re-used as fertilizer? Some say yes; others argue the risks aren't worth the benefit.

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Congressional Republicans Move To Block D.C. Laws... Again

It will be an even more uphill battle for several D.C. laws facing scrutiny in Congress since Republicans currently control both chambers.

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Trump's Pennsylvania Avenue Billboards: Business Ads Or Political Message?

Now that Donald Trump is once again in the field for the Republican presidential nomination, do the giant ads on Pennsylvania Avenue bearing his name represent a political message?

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Former Aide To Harry Thomas Jr. Sentenced Sentenced For Fraud

Neil Rodgers, a former D.C. Council committee director, has been sentenced to a month in jail for channeling funds away from a  youth drug prevention program.

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Street Art Highlights The Plight Of Growing Numbers Of Homeless D.C. Residents

In the parking lot of Dunbar High School in Northwest D.C., about half a dozen homeless men and women of all ages and races worked on a project designed to portray the experiences of homeless residents.
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As Open-Air Markets Fade, D.C. Police Shift Tactics In War On Illegal Drugs

Years ago, the war on drugs in the District was fought on the corners and in the alleys where they were openly sold. But with the market for illegal narcotics changing — and fewer open-air markets for police to target — D.C. officials are changing tactics.
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Former D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray Open To Future D.C. Council Run

Former D.C. mayor Vincent Gray lost his re-election bid and remains under federal investigation for his 2010 campaign, but says that he may again return to elected office.
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Court Stays Ruling That Overturned Key Provision Of D.C. Concealed Carry Law

The U.S. Court of Appeals on Friday evening stayed a ruling that had overturned a key provision of the District's concealed carry law, giving city officials a legal reprieve and opportunity to prepare an appeal arguing that the law is constitutional.
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Backlog Of 1,600 Passenger Complaints Being Cleared, Drawing Ire Of Taxi Drivers

Taxicab passenger complaints dating back to 2012 are being scheduled for mediation, but the representatives for drivers say the process is raising important questions about due process.

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Will City Have To Use Eminent Domain To Secure D.C. United Stadium Site?

City officials say D.C. United is getting a new stadium at Buzzard Point one way or another, but how they end up doing it is still very much up in the air.