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Should D.C. Expand Its Summer Jobs Program To More 20-Somethings?

Mayor Muriel Bowser has proposed expanding the District's summer jobs program to include participants up to 24 years old. But the D.C. Council is skeptical of the idea.
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Joseph's House: Where Homeless D.C. Residents Find Comfort In Their Final Days

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Joseph's House, a hospice facility in D.C. that was founded to care for dying homeless people, particularly those living with HIV.

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The Long, Hot Summer Ahead For D.C.'s Homeless Children

Summer is a milestone eagerly anticipated by many children. Not necessarily so for the children at D.C.'s Ketcham Elementary, many of whom are homeless and often struggle just to eat.

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Report: Condition Of D.C. Jail 'Alarming,' Improvements Needed For Inmates

Inmates housed in the District's two detention facilities face "crumbling" infrastructure, a suicide rate that exceeds national standards and facilities for youth that are considered inadequate.
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Congress Again Tells D.C.: Don't Even Think About Legalizing Pot

A draft congressional spending bill would again forbid the District from legalizing the sale of marijuana, likely frustrating local efforts to create a regulated system of pot sales for a second year in a row.
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Librarian Of Congress To Step Down After Nearly Three Decades

James Billington, 86, will retire on Jan. 1. He's credited with leading the library into the digital age, but he also has faced criticism for not addressing some information technology needs.

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D.C. Council Casts Historic Vote On Budget, But Legal Uncertainty Remains

The D.C. Council on Wednesday cast a historic second vote on its budget, pushing forward under the assumption that the city is now free from some of the usual strictures imposed by Congress when it comes to spending local funds.
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Faced With Rash Of Overdoses, D.C. Mayor Wants To Crack Down On Synthetic Drugs

Mayor Muriel Bowser says she will ask the D.C. Council to grant her broader authority to crack down on the sale and use of synthetic drugs, which are chemically created and are marketed as incense, potpourri or bath products.
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High School Graduation Rates In D.C.: Inside The Numbers With Kavitha Cardoza

WAMU 88.5 special correspondent Kavitha Cardoza talks about D.C. public schools' graduation rates and her participation in NPR's recent project about graduation rates nationwide.

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'Symphony In DC Major' An Experiential Homage To African American Figures

Coming to the Shaw neighborhood this week: a block-long piece of artwork by sculptor Zachary Oxman which has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.