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Federal Judge Strikes Down Heart Of D.C.'s New Concealed Carry Law

A federal judge on Monday struck down a provision of the District's new law governing who can carry a concealed handgun in the city, ruling that requiring applicants to prove they need a gun to defend themselves is a violation of the Second Amendment.
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Capitol Hill Residents Plead With DDOT For Faster Action To Slow Down Traffic

A vocal group of residents in the Capitol Hill neighborhood say efforts to slow down cars and give more space for bikes and pedestrians isn't moving quickly enough.

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Assault On Justice

In this special documentary co-produced by Reveal, WAMU 88.5 investigative reporter Patrick Madden examines how the charge of assaulting a police officer, which is meant to shield police from danger, also can be used as a tactic against citizens in D.C.

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Better Bicycling Information May Be On The Way From D.C. DMV

Drivers in D.C. may soon be getting a little more in the mail from the DMV: The agency is planning to work with cycling organizations to get out information about bike safety.
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D.C. Premiere Of 'Sila: The Breath Of The World' Combines Music And The Outdoors

Whispers and laughter carry over the horns that dot the landscape at D.C.'s Meridian Hill Park. Usually, you don't talk during a performance, and you certainly don't walk your dog. But at the D.C. premiere of "Sila: The Breath of the World," casual attitudes are welcome.
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D.C. Legislators Add Money For Illegal-Construction Inspectors

In the wake of a WAMU report on house-flipping, three D.C. legislators have set aside money for the city to hire two new illegal-construction inspectors.
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Republicans And Democrats Again Feud Over D.C. School Voucher Program

A House committee traveled to a Catholic school in Northeast D.C. on Thursday to debate a controversial program that offers low-income students in D.C. federally funded vouchers to attend private schools.
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Biliterate D.C. Students Now Can Get A Special Seal On Their Diplomas

Beginning this year, juniors and seniors who can demonstrate a proficiency in foreign languages acquired through immersion or advanced placement classes can apply for the seal.

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Stagnant Wages, Scant Affordable Housing Keep People Homeless In D.C. Region, Report Says

There were fewer homeless people in the region this year than last, though a shortage of affordable housing remains a significant challenge for many low-income families.

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D.C. Legislator Moves To Slow Rollout Of Body-Worn Cameras

Mayor Muriel Bowser wants $5 million for 2,800 body-worn cameras for the city's police officers, but D.C. Council member Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5) says the police department isn't ready for a full rollout of the cameras.