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Labor Group Pushing For $15 Minimum Wage, Including For Tipped Workers

D.C.'s minimum wage is already moving its way up to $11.50, but a group that advocates for restaurant workers is promoting a ballot initiative that would push the city's wage to $15 by 2019.
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Gray Calls Upside-Down D.C. Flag On Voter Guide A 'Complete Fiasco'

Mayor Vincent is harshly criticizing the D.C. Board of Elections for mistakenly sending a voter guide to 300,000 households that had a upside-down D.C. flag on the cover.
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Big Names, Extra Trains For Veterans Day Concert On The Mall

Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna, Eminem and Carrie Underwood are among the headliners.

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MoveDC 'Action Plan' Outlines Future Of All Things Transportation

A new two-year "Action Plan" from moveDC offers insight into how the city plans to address all things transportation, from bridge construction and bike lanes to sidewalks and toll lanes.

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MPD Chief Meets With Rabbi Freundel's Synagogue After His Arrest

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier spoke with members of the Orthodox Kesher Israel synagogue in Georgetown yesterday about the charges against Rabbi Barry Freundel.

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If Gun Owners Don't Like New Law, Says D.C., They Should File A Lawsuit

A new law allowing D.C. residents to carry concealed handguns is set to take effect this week, and D.C. officials say that gun owners who don't like it can just sue the city.
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Arkansas Avenue NW Goes To One Lane Following Resident Outcry

After months of public outcry and more recent political pressure, District transportation officials are finally following through on recommendations to make a busy street in Northwest D.C. safer.
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As Early Voting Starts, Polls Put Bowser Ahead Of Catania

Early voting in D.C. started on Monday, and polls find Democrat Muriel Bowser ahead of Independent David Catania by anywhere from four to 17 points.
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Rabbinical Council Says It Investigated D.C. Rabbi Accused Of Voyeurism

The Rabbinical Council of America said in a statement today that it had investigated Rabbi Barry Freundel's behavior for several years, but did not know about the allegations of voyeurism he was charged with last week.
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D.C. Police Chief Says Cabbies Shouldn't Qualify For Concealed Handguns

The application process begins later this week for concealed carry permits in the District, but D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says licenses should not be extended to cab drivers in the city.