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On 9/11 Anniversary, Cheh Thanks First Responders

The Ward 3 representative toured several city firestations Thursday, offering thanks and refreshments to the men and women in uniform.
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Lanier 'Shocked' By D.C. Police Officer's Intimidation Of Man Recording Arrest

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says an officer should not have interfered with a man who was seen recording an arrest in public. In the video, an officer tells the man "pack up and go" if he doesn't want to be "part of the investigation."
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Lawyer Says Request For Reconsideration Of D.C. Handgun Ruling Is 'Frivolous'

The legal back-and-forth between D.C. and a lawyer fighting the city's ban on carrying handguns outside the home continues.
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At D.C. School, 1,300 Students Stopped To Discuss Ferguson

Students at one D.C. school are improving their writing skills by tackling tough social justice issues on paper, including the events in Ferguson, Missouri.
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In Fast-Changing Columbia Heights, Tenants Fight Large Rent Hike

Tenants of a Columbia Heights building are battling a 31.5 percent rent increase — and the possibility their homes may be converted to condos.
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Discrimination Complaints Trickle In About D.C. Cabs

The DCTC has gotten a handful of complaints since streamlining the complaint process for racial discrimination among D.C. cab drivers last month, but D.C. cabbies themselves maintain their decisions are motivated by safety and good business practices.

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D.C. Teacher To Apologize For Asking Students To Compare Bush To Hitler

As part of a discussion on the book "War and Peace," a sixth-grade teacher asked their students to compare and contrast President George W. Bush and German dictator Adolf Hitler.
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D.C. Legislators May Tweak How Tickets Are Issued, But Speed Cameras To Stay

In the wake of a report criticizing how D.C. hands out tickets for parking and moving violations, lawmakers say they'll work to make the system more fair to drivers — but they won't be getting rid of speed cameras.
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DC Traffic Tickets

D.C. takes in $179 million each year from traffic citations, many of which come from the 87 automated speed cameras now dotted around the District. We explore a new report that says the machines have been issuing false tickets.

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Q&A: Investigating The Unaccompanied Minors Crisis At Its Source

As part of WAMU's ongoing coverage of the unaccompanied minors crisis, reporter Armando Trull is on a fact-finding mission to El Salvador. Morning Edition host Matt McCleskey gets updates on his reporting.