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Washington's Olympic Hopes Dashed As Boston Chosen For 2024 Games Bid

The Washington region won't be getting the 2024 Summer Olympic Games after all.
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Norton Reflects On The Frustrations Of Being A Non-Voting Member Of Congress

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has represented the District on Capitol Hill for 24 years, and her unique role comes with its own unique frustrations.

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An Agitator For Statehood Calls On Citizens To Fight For Their Rights

There are few people who know the minutiae of D.C.'s fight for voting rights and statehood like political analyst Mark Plotkin. And he wants other citizens to start caring about the issue a whole lot more.
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How A Civil Rights Struggle In The South Helped D.C. Elect Its Own Leaders

In the 1960s, activists went to the deep South to register African-American voters. Those efforts would eventually pave the way for home rule in D.C.
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D.C.'s 'Shadow' Members Of Congress Say They're Ready For The Spotlight

D.C. has a new shadow delegation to fight for it on Capitol Hill, and members say they're primed for some much-needed exposure.

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Will D.C. Always Be Fighting With Republicans In Congress?

The relationship between Republicans and D.C. residents is complicated — but, some say, better than you'd think.
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Fresh Faces On D.C. Council Help Push A Progressive Agenda

"New and different ideas" are the goal, says new member Charles Allen.

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Taxicab Commissioner Linton Steps Down After Transformational Tenure

The outgoing chairman of D.C.'s Taxicab Commission helped usher in sweeping changes to D.C. cabs.
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Should D.C. Ban The Suspension Of Pre-K Students In Publicly Funded Schools?

Legislation to be introduced to the D.C. Council would ban the practice of suspending students 4 years old or younger.

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The Relationship Between Congress And D.C.: It's Complicated

Congress has long worked to block D.C. policies on everything from abortion rights to gun control. And its most recent action — to stop the city's legalization of marijuana — has some folks gearing up for a fight.