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A Candid Discussion About Disability And Accessible Music Venues

The founder of Is This Venue Accessible appeared on The Kojo Nnamdi Show to talk about D.C.'s music scene, and why accessibility hasn't gotten equal billing alongside other social-justice issues.

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Glitch In D.C. Police Database Has Prosecutors Concerned About Missing Data

A glitch in a Metropolitan Police Department database has prosecutors in D.C. scrambling to find out whether key information was withheld from defense attorneys.
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What Can We Learn From The Latest Stats On D.C. Charter Schools?

D.C.'s charter schools have faced criticism in the past for their handling of special-needs students. How are they doing now?

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What Does Metro Need More: A Transit Specialist Or A Financial Guru?

Maryland’s new transportation chief, Pete Rahn, is adding his voice to the growing number of public officials who say Metro should hire a "financial whiz" instead of a transit specialist as its next general manager.
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Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Dupont Circle Metro Escalator?

Metro says it has the parts needed to fix one of the subway system's longest escalators, which has been out of service since Dec. 9.

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The Next Generation: A Contradictory Portrait Of D.C. Millennials

Millennials have driven a boom in the District, representing the next generation in the city's growth. But why does it always seem like the way they are described are so contradictory?

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New Browser Extension May Get You Going To The D.C. Public Library More

A civic hacker in D.C. has made a new add-on for your browser that lets you know if a book is available at the local library before you hit "checkout" on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Machen, Known For Prosecuting Corruption, To Step Down As U.S. Attorney In D.C.

U.S. Attorney for D.C. Ron Machen announced Monday that he will retire at the end of the month after more than five years as the city's top federal prosecutor.

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Cycling Advocates Fear D.C. Is Hitting Brakes On Building Infrastructure

Cycling advocates say that 2014 was a banner year in D.C. for the construction of bicycling infrastructure, but worry that the city will lose momentum in 2015 on building a network of protected bike lanes.
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Small Business Groups Blast Senator's Investigation Of D.C. Health Exchange

Local business groups in D.C. say that Louisiana Senator David Vitter’s investigation into Congress and the city's health insurance exchange could violate the privacy of those who purchased health insurance on the exchange.