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Georgetown Rabbi Pleads Not Guilty To Voyeurism Charges

Rabbi Freundel is accused of six misdemeanor counts of voyeurism. Court documents allege he used a hidden recording device that looked like a digital clock radio to videotape at least six women.
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With New Playground, Children At D.C. General Get Chance To Be Kids Again

Today the hundreds of children living at the D.C. General homeless shelter will get a taste of childhood normalcy: a playground.
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D.C. Educators Praise Benefits Of Mandatory SAT Tests

All high school students in D.C. will take the SAT test today — part of an effort by DCPS to get more students to head to college.

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D.C. Rabbi Arrested On Voyeurism Charges, Synagogue Calls Incident 'Painful'

The leader of a Georgetown synagogue has been arrested on charges of voyeurism, police say.

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A "Pay-To-Play" Culture In D.C. Government?

D.C.'s City Council must approve contracts for government business worth $1 million or more. When WAMU 88.5's Patrick Madden dug into campaign data he found contributions to Council members from firms vying for these lucrative contracts often coincided with votes approving or rejecting them. We explore the optics, reality and implications of this data.

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The Cost Of The D.C. Council's Power Over Contracts

Does campaign cash have undue influence over how the D.C. Council approves city contracts? WAMU 88.5's Patrick Madden follows the money in this special investigative report.

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All D.C. Taxis May Soon Support E-Hailing

The D.C. Taxicab Commission has floated a proposal that would require the city's 7,000 taxicabs to do what has made Uber so popular: use an app that allows riders to e-hail them.
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In Court And Council, A Big Week For D.C. Handgun Carry Law

The District's ban on the carrying of handguns — and the attempts to change it — will be the subject of hearings in both the D.C. Council and federal court this week.
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D.C. Draws Closer To Letting Developers Decide On Parking

The D.C. Office of Zoning has given preliminary approval to rule changes that would eliminate parking minimums downtown and cut them in half for buildings close to mass transit.

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Bowser's Pockets Are Deepest In Final Weeks Of D.C. Mayoral Race

With just three weeks and change remaining in the race for D.C. mayor, Democratic Councilmember Muriel Bowser's campaign warchest outstrips Independent Councilmember David Catania by almost half a million dollars.