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How A Gay Russian Couple Was Driven To Seek Asylum In D.C.

Andrei Nasonov and Igor Bazilevskii didn't want to leave their home country of Russia, but anti-gay propaganda laws, beatings by authorities, and threatening billboards prompted the couple to seek asylum in D.C. And they're not alone.

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Technical Glitch Causes Problems With New D.C. Ambulance Dispatch System

The new technology D.C. paramedics are using to connect with dispatchers to keep tabs on where ambulances and fire engines are located is not working properly, say city officials.
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This Spring, Something New Sprouts At Local Destinations: Security Lines

Be prepared: Metal detectors are coming to Nationals Park and bag searchers to the National Zoo this spring.
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Sequestration To Dominate Congressional Agenda This Week

More than $90 billion in automatic federal budget cuts are on the horizon if Congress fails to act, and the capital region stands to lose more than most.

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DDOT Launches Another Bus Lane Study For 16th Street NW

A 3-mile stretch of 16th Street will be the subject of a year-long, $1 million study to look into what is snarling Metro's S line buses and what can be done to speed up the ride — but they're not yet sold on proposals for a dedicated bus lane.

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Ex-FBI Agent Matthew Lowry Charged On 64 Counts For Stealing Heroin Evidence

The former FBI agent who last year was found slumped over the wheel of his vehicles surrounded by baggies that once contained evidence in drug investigations has been charged with 64 criminal counts.

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No 'Fatal Flaws' That Would Prevent Streetcar From Starting Service

The finding does not clear the way for the opening of the streetcar, but it does provide relief after DDOT's new chief said the entire project could be canceled.
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Republican Pushback Turning D.C. Into Battleground For LGBT And Reproductive Rights

D.C. is once again in the crosshairs of conservatives, but this time it isn't over pot policy or gun laws.
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Sens. Ted Cruz, James Lankford Attack Two D.C. Laws: Q&A With Roll Call's David Hawkings

Never forget that Cruz is running for president, the Roll Call columnist says.

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Federal Agency Investigating Labor Squabble Involving D.C. Streetcar

The streetcar system in Northeast D.C. has not carried a single passenger, but it is already embroiled in a controversy being investigated by the National Labor Relations Board.