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D.C. Goes To Court: Budget Autonomy, Handgun Carry Ban On Docket Today

It'll be a busy day for D.C. in the courts today, as federal judges hear arguments on two separate cases: a budget autonomy referendum and the city's longstanding ban on carrying handguns outside the home.
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Camera Set Up By Rabbi Caught Six Women On Tape, Say Police

Investigators say at least six women are captured totally or partially undressed on the videos secretly recorded by Rabbi Barry Freundel at a Georgetown synagogue.
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D.C. Reluctantly Moves Forward with Concealed Carry of Guns

City legislators are grudgingly establishing a licensing system that will allow D.C. residents and visitors to apply for concealed carry handgun permits.
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D.C. Is Prepared For Ebola, Says Official

The head of D.C. Department of Health says the city is prepared for any possible outbreaks of the Ebola virus.
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How Strong Is D.C.'s Safety-Net Hospital?

United Medical Center is D.C.'s only hospital east of the Anacostia River. We'll explore its troubled past, and how it's faring now.

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Adult Education Nonprofit Gets On The Charter School Bandwagon

As one of D.C.'s nonprofit adult education centers goes charter and receives a windfall of city money, we explore the expectations that go along with that funding.
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The Unlikely Bond Between A D.C. Church And The Punk Music Scene

For decades, D.C. churches have served as a support system for the city's punk rock scene, but how did that come to be?

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Q&A With Journalist Suzanne Pollak About Arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel

Suzanne Pollak of Washington Jewish Week spoke with WAMU about the arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel on charges of voyeurism.

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Remembering When 'Mr. Smith' Came To Washington, 75 Years Ago

When Frank Capra's film, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington premiered at Constitution Hall on October 17, 1939, not everyone in Washington gave the movie two thumbs up.

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Yes, That's An Upside Down D.C. Flag On Your Voter Guide

There's an upside down D.C. flag on the city's official voter guide, but the D.C. elections board insists it was inverted on purpose.