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Bowser Wants Tweaks To School Boundary Changes, But Doesn't Offer Specifics

With just over a month until D.C.'s school lottery opens to parents, Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser says she wants to tweak a plan that will alter the city's school boundaries and feeder patterns — but it remains unclear how much she can change.
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Is D.C. Transforming From A Government Town Into A Tech Hub?

Washington, D.C. is generating all sorts of buzz for its growing tech sector. Just don't try to compare it to Silicon Valley.

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Women Welcome: D.C.'s Tech Sector Bests Silicon Valley At Addressing Gender Gap

Women who work in D.C.'s tech sector say they have an easier go of breaking into the traditionally male-dominated business in the nation's capital than Silicon Valley.

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Show-And-Tell For The Hacker Crowd

Once a month, folks in the local tech scene gather for Hack and Tell, a monthly tech meetup in the District.
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D.C. Bike Crash Compensation Bill Delayed Once Again

A D.C. Council committee again decided to delay a final vote on a bill that would help bicyclists seek compensation of injured in a crash.

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Prosecutors In Case Of Rabbi Barry Freundel Look For More Victims

Assistant U.S. Attorney Amy Zubrensky said prosecutors need more time to find other possible victims of the voyeurism allegedly perpetrated by Rabbi Freundel.
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Phillips Collection Seeks Donations To Fund 'Migration Series' Project

D.C.'s Phillips Collection has turned to crowdfunding to help pay for a digital project tied to artist Jacob Lawrence's landmark "Migration Series."
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D.C. Nurses Strike And Protest For Ebola Safety, Better Staffing And Pay

Registered nurses rallied outside of the White House and Providence Hospital in Northeast D.C. today to protest what nurses called the hospital’s refusal to properly address Ebola-related health and safety concerns for nurses and patients.
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Small Number Of Gun Owners Applying For D.C. Concealed Carry Permits

Thirty-two people have applied for concealed carry permits in D.C. over the last two weeks, including some who admit they won't qualify under the city's restrictive rules.
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D.C. Ranked As Best U.S. City For Taxicabs And Uber

A Libertarian think tank says that D.C. is the best of 50 U.S. cities in how it regulates for-hire vehicles and services ranging from traditional taxicabs to Uber.