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From Homeless to Hopeful: Waldon Adams Reflects On Wins In A Rollercoaster Life

After years of battling homelessness and addiction, Waldon Adams was once ready to end his life. But an unexpected discovery helped him turn things around.
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This Week On Metro Connection: A Roof Over Your Head

With homelessness on the rise in D.C., we'll hear how city officials are tackling the issue, and how homeless residents are coping with the struggle.

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Does D.C.'s Rapid Re-Housing Program Live Up To Its Promise?

Proponents of rapid re-housing say these programs get people out of shelters and into their own apartments. But do they keep them there?
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Listen: A Homeless D.C. Man's Attempt To Die Sparked A Passion For Running, Life

Years ago Waldon Adams was bipolar, HIV positive, living on the street and resolved to die. His turnaround was improbable, and all started with a decision to run.

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Homeless Residents Advocate Their Agenda With 'People for Fairness' Group

The People for Fairness Coalition is a peer-led group of homeless or formerly homeless people who have taken an active role in advocacy around housing issues.
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Q&A With Washington Post D.C. Reporter Mike DeBonis

Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis talked with WAMU 88.5's Matt McCleskey about his tenure as a D.C. government reporter and his impending move to a beat where he'll cover Congress.

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Less Damage, Less Grime: Phase One Of Cathedral's Earthquake Repairs Is Over

Six flying buttresses have been shored up, ceilings have been repaired, and a lot has been cleaned, but there's more work to be done.

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DDOT Requests Top-To-Bottom Review For D.C. Streetcar After Series Of Delays

Former Mayor Vincent Gray was hoping to see the D.C. Streetcar start running on H Street before he left office, but now with Muriel Bowser at the helm, the line is subject to renewed scrutiny and review.

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Bowser Feeling Heat For Canceling Art Museum Project At Franklin School

Critics are scratching their heads over Mayor Bowser's decision to cancel the contract for the contemporary arts museum project at the Franklin School.
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Bowser Asks Judge For Time To Consider Options On Budget Autonomy Vote

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked a judge to give her 30 days to consider her position on the legality of a 2013 voter referendum that would have granted city officials more flexibility in spending locally raised revenue.