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Mary Z. Gray: A Life Well Lived On Capitol Hill

We pay tribute to the recently departed Mary Z. Gray, who grew up in a Capitol Hill that no longer exists.

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Web Extra: How Eastern Market Survived Amid More Than A Century of Change

Capitol Hill's Eastern Market has survived for more than 140 years, even as markets in other parts of the city were torn down and redeveloped.
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Remembering A Man Who Quietly Helped Build A Community On Capitol Hill

Steve Cymrot moved to Capitol Hill in the 1960s and spent the next half century making the neighborhood a more vibrant place to live.
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When The Anacostia River Was Once Considered Part Of Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill was once intimately connected to the Anacostia River. Some folks think that it's high time to reestablish the relationship.

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Capitol Hill: Politics, Partisanship And... Parenting?

A neighborhood once known for singles, couples and dogs is fast becoming a 'babypalooza.' The group Mothers on the Hill help explain how that came to be.

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Remaking Reservation 13: Why A Plot Of Undeveloped D.C. Land Remains Untapped

It's been over a decade since residents of the Hill East neighborhood were promised that the 67-acre plot of land known as Reservation 13 would be developed into a mixed-use neighborhood. Why hasn't that happened?
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Capitol Hill Restoration Society Celebrates 60 Years Of Battles Won And Lost

From a highway running through the core of the neighborhood to a proposed "East Mall," the Capitol Hill Restoration Society has spent 60 years years fighting to preserve the uniquely historic nature of the Capitol Hill community.

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As Campaign Cash Loophole Closes, D.C. Businesses Rush To Give Big

A new D.C. law limiting campaign contributions by certain corporations went into effect last month, but not before those very corporations could give big one last time.
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The Rise And Fall And Rise Again Of The Hawk 'N' Dove Bar

The long-time proprietor of the Hawk 'n' Dove, one of Capitol Hill's best-known bars, explains how it came to be and, ultimately, how it ultimately slipped out of his grasp.

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D.C. Council Moves To Ban Suspension Of Pre-K Students

As many as 180 Pre-K students were suspended in the last school year for which data is available. D.C.'s lawmakers are supporting a bill to put a stop to the practice.