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Kennedy Center Breaks Ground On New Expansion

At a ceremony on Thursday, the ground was broken on a new expansion project for the Kennedy Center that will expand spaces both for the arts and for the public.

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On Gay Rights, Barry Remembered For Long History Of Support — And One Vote

For some activists, his long support of the cause is marred by a vote in opposition to same-sex marriage.
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When Hippies Came To 16th Street

In the 1970s, a band of idealists from a hippie commune in Tennessee arrived in Washington, D.C. with the grand idea to help make the world a better place. And in their own way, they did.
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Fate Of D.C.'s Marijuana Legalization Referendum In Congress Remains Hazy

Even Andy Harris, the Congressional Republican who wrote the policy rider that could block implementation of D.C.'s marijuana legalization law, doesn't know where the provision stands in negotiations.

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Mobile Group Of Protesters Shut Down D.C. Streets Again Over Garner Decision

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of D.C. again Thursday night to protest the lack of indictments in either the case of Eric Garner or Michael Brown, both unarmed black men who died in altercations with police.

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Barry Returns To Wilson Building As D.C. Begins To Bid Him Farewell

The late Marion Barry returned to the Wilson Building on Thursday, kicking off three days of services to remember the man the city knew as the mayor for life.
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Can Takoma Park Keep Its Crunchy Character As It Grows?

Takoma Park residents ponder how new development may affect one of Maryland's most famously progressive communities.

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Creating New Sense Of Home After A Troubled D.C. Childhood

A young man in transitional housing talks about the meaning of "home" mean when your childhood was marked by family turmoil.

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Why It's Tough To Find Home-Buyers For Low-Income Units In D.C.

It can be remarkably tough to fill affordable housing units in Washington D.C., despite an abundance of low-income residents looking for a place to live, thanks in large part to an abundance of red tape.

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Why D.C. Breweries Say They're Drowning In Red Tape

D.C. brewers say the bureaucracy involved in opening a brewery is harder to see through than a freshly-poured Guinness, and it's affecting their bottom line.