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Phillips Collection Seeks Donations To Fund 'Migration Series' Project

D.C.'s Phillips Collection has turned to crowdfunding to help pay for a digital project tied to artist Jacob Lawrence's landmark "Migration Series."
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D.C. Nurses Strike And Protest For Ebola Safety, Better Staffing And Pay

Registered nurses rallied outside of the White House and Providence Hospital in Northeast D.C. today to protest what nurses called the hospital’s refusal to properly address Ebola-related health and safety concerns for nurses and patients.
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Small Number Of Gun Owners Applying For D.C. Concealed Carry Permits

Thirty-two people have applied for concealed carry permits in D.C. over the last two weeks, including some who admit they won't qualify under the city's restrictive rules.
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D.C. Ranked As Best U.S. City For Taxicabs And Uber

A Libertarian think tank says that D.C. is the best of 50 U.S. cities in how it regulates for-hire vehicles and services ranging from traditional taxicabs to Uber.
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D.C. Has Lowest Rate Of Uninsured Hispanic Children, Report Says

A new report from Georgetown University and the National Council of La Raza finds that D.C. has a lower rate of uninsured Hispanic Children than all 50 states.

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Proposed Rail Tunnel Project Pits Activists Against CSX

The proposed rebuilding effort for a century-old rail tunnel along Virginia Avenue in Southeast D.C. pits those calling for the modernization of infrastructure against residents and businesses concerned about noise and safety.

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'Concert For Valor' Was Unforgettable Tribute To Vets

Swarms of active-duty service members and music fans packed onto the National Mall yesterday for the concert put on in honor of the nation's veterans.

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In D.C., The Best Jam Sessions Don’t Involve Jam Bands

D.C. jazz musicians have been building quite a jam-session scene recently.

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Wells Pushes Vote On Bike Crash Bill, Despite Slim Chance Of Passage

A bill that would make it easier for cyclists involved in accidents to receive compensation from insurance companies is unlikely to make it out of committee.

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Paperwork Problems Holding Up D.C. Streetcar Launch

It's unclear precisely when the streetcars will begin running along H Street NE in D.C., but sources say that issues with paperwork may be pushing back the start date.