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The Sounds Of The Goodman League, Southeast D.C.'s Basketball Haven

Goodman League

Rubber on asphalt. The rattle of the rim. There’s nothing like watching street ball in the summer. And the best in the city can be found in Southeast D.C. at the George Goodman League.

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D.C. Police Need Training On Use Of Chokeholds, Report Says

The D.C. Office of Police Complaints recommends that the department revise its policies and train officers on using neck restraints.

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D.C. Mayor Proposes Liberal Access To Police Body-Camera Footage

A pilot program in D.C. equipped roughly 400 officers with body cameras, and now the city is moving forward with plans to supply them to nearly every patrol officer. But the question remains: how much footage will be public?
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How Rank & File Police View D.C. Violence

We chat with Marinos Marinos, secretary of the D.C. Police Union, about how rank and file officers view the spikes in violent crime taking place in neighborhoods across the nation's capital.

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D.C. Lacks The Crash Data It Needs To Pursue 'Vision Zero'

Cyclists say the city's most prominent cycletrack remains dangerous, with drivers throwing U-turns through the middle of the tracks. The extent of the problem may be greater than they know too, due to problems with crash reporting.

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HQ For National Woman's Party Could Be Added To National Park System

Women's history sites are underrepresented in the United States, which is why Sen. Barbara Mikulski is introducing a bill to add the historic Sewell-Belmont House to the National Park System.

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Just 6 Percent Of D.C. Charter Budgets Come From Private Funding, Report Finds

D.C. should make information about its public charter schools easier to understand, according to a report from the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, as some of the actual numbers run against public perception.

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Synthetic Drugs? Deadlier Weapons? Crime Spike Stumps D.C. Police

The city is now on pace to record its most murders in nearly a decade. Eighty-seven people have been killed in the District this year. As police look for ways to stem the violence, family members of victims also want answers.
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Is D.C.'s Newest Public Pool Coming To A Neighborhood Near You?

Ward 3 in Northwest Washington has long been one of the wealthiest parts of the city, but it's one of the few areas of D.C. without its own swimming pool. That may soon change.

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D.C. Soccer Pro Sacrifices To Pursue The Sport She Loves

As a member of D.C.'s professional women's soccer team, Joanna Lohman says despite being tough on the body and on the bottom line, her job is still rewarding.