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D.C. Leaders Considering New Ways To Lower Murder Rate

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser met with the police chief and other various agency heads Thursday to discuss ways to slow down the uptick in murders. They're now up nearly 30 percent from last year at this time.
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D.C.'s Last, Best Stop For Electronic Junk And Household Gunk

Every Saturday, the Fort Totten Transfer Station is the place to unburden your home — and your conscience — of whatever doesn't seem to belong in the trash or recycling bins.

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How D.C. Is Turning A 'Pedestrian Dead-Zone' Into An Eco-Showcase

From brown and gray to bright green: 15 blocks of Southwest Washington are on their way to becoming a "high performance environmental showcase."

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D.C. Farmers Prep For What They Say Is An Urban Agricultural Renaissance

A new law could change the landscape for urban agriculture in D.C.

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How DC Water Turns Poop Into Power

It might sound gross, but D.C. Water is discovering the raw power... of poop. They're even working on ways to sell it back to you.

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D.C. Attraction Boasts Specialty Gardens, Streams... And Sewage?

Supporters of the U.S. National Arboretum say raw sewage is flowing through the streams of the 446-acre D.C. attraction.

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The Sounds Of The Goodman League, Southeast D.C.'s Basketball Haven

Goodman League

Rubber on asphalt. The rattle of the rim. There’s nothing like watching street ball in the summer. And the best in the city can be found in Southeast D.C. at the George Goodman League.

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D.C. Police Need Training On Use Of Chokeholds, Report Says

The D.C. Office of Police Complaints recommends that the department revise its policies and train officers on using neck restraints.

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D.C. Mayor Proposes Liberal Access To Police Body-Camera Footage

A pilot program in D.C. equipped roughly 400 officers with body cameras, and now the city is moving forward with plans to supply them to nearly every patrol officer. But the question remains: how much footage will be public?
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How Rank & File Police View D.C. Violence

We chat with Marinos Marinos, secretary of the D.C. Police Union, about how rank and file officers view the spikes in violent crime taking place in neighborhoods across the nation's capital.