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D.C. Drops Proposed 24-Hour Waiting Period For Tattoos And Piercings

The District has formally dropped a controversial proposal for a 24-hour waiting period for anyone who wants to get a piercing or tattoo.
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Judge Strikes Down D.C. Ban On Handguns Outside Home

D.C.'s ban on carrying handguns outside the home was struck down by a federal judge on Saturday as unconstitutional — a ruling that will likely be appealed by the city.

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DC's Urban Legends

Professional tour guide and author Robert Pohl debunks the truth behind some of the city's most persistent myths.

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Catania Opposes Land Swap At Heart of D.C. United Stadium Deal

D.C. mayoral contender David Catania said today that while he supports the construction of a planned $300 million D.C. United stadium in Southwest D.C., he's opposed to a land swap that is at the heart of the deal.
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Catania Asks Bowser To Return Money Linked To Troubled Housing Complex

D.C. mayoral contender David Catania says fellow candidate Muriel Bowser should return campaign contributions linked to a troubled housing complex in Southeast D.C.
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With Protest Against Congressman, Activists Take A Stand For D.C. Home Rule

This protest was presumably about marijuana decriminalization, but home rule seemed to be the overarching theme.
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Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick

Wayne Frederick, an oncologist who came to Howard University at age 16 and earned three degrees there, is taking over as institution's new president. We explore the challenges he faces at the historically black D.C. school.

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The Politics Hour - July 25, 2014

Watch live video of Kojo and Tom Sherwood as they chat with D.C. mayoral candidate David Catania (I).

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In First Week Of New Law, D.C. Police Write Five Tickets For Pot Possession

Police in the District of Columbia issued five citations for marijuana possession in the first week of a new law that decriminalized possessing small amounts of marijuana.
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Senate Bill Would Give New Power To D.C. Government

A Senate subcommittee has approved a major spending bill that would grant the District of Columbia full control over its local budget and laws.