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The Politics Hour - Sept. 19, 2014

Sorting political fact from fiction, and having fun while we're at it. Join us for our weekly review of the politics, policies, and personalities of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

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D.C. Advocates Pitch Statehood To Senate Panel, But Bill Unlikely To Move

A Senate hearing on a D.C. statehood bill —the first in two decades — produced little by way of assurances that the measure would move through the Democratic chamber.
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D.C. Statehood Bill Prompts Questions Over Constitutionality

Legal scholars disagree over whether a bill granting D.C. statehood would be constitutional or not, an issue that will likely be raised at a Senate hearing to be held on Monday.
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Neighbors Say DDOT Silent After Latest Crash In 16th Street Heights

Another accident on Arkansas Avenue Northwest has residents of the neighborhood expressing frustration with the District Department of Transportation, which has failed to act on what they say is the most important recommendation from its own safety report.

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Council Calls For Presidential Support Ahead Of Senate Hearing In D.C. Statehood

The Senate is holding hearings on Monday morning on the topic of D.C. statehood, and District lawmakers are hoping the president will join them in backing the effort.

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Ahead Of Hearing, Norton Celebrates Record Support For D.C. Statehood Bill

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is celebrating a milestone in her push for D.C. statehood, but she knows it’s still an uphill battle.
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Machen Sets Up Unit Tasked With Looking Into Wrongful Convictions

U.S. Attorney for D.C. Ron Machen is creating a new unit in his office to look into cases that may have resulted in wrongful convictions, a move that comes after several recent exonerations using DNA evidence.
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Bowser Agrees To Four Mayoral Debates Ahead Of D.C. Election

D.C. mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser has agreed to participate in four debates ahead of the Nov. 4 election.
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On 9/11 Anniversary, Cheh Thanks First Responders

The Ward 3 representative toured several city firestations Thursday, offering thanks and refreshments to the men and women in uniform.
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Lanier 'Shocked' By D.C. Police Officer's Intimidation Of Man Recording Arrest

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says an officer should not have interfered with a man who was seen recording an arrest in public. In the video, an officer tells the man "pack up and go" if he doesn't want to be "part of the investigation."