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Alexandria Police To Hear Community Concerns Following Unsolved Murders

Several unsolved murders in Alexandria, Va., have the community on edge. Police are meeting with members of the North Ridge community tonight to hear concerns and assuage fears.

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Deadly Shooting Alters Daily Rhythm In Quiet Alexandria Neighborhood

A deadly and seemingly unprovoked shooting of two people in one Alexandria neighborhood has residents on edge and police looking into possible links to other nearby killings.
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Brown Accused Of More Campaign Finance Violations Tied To D.C. Contractor

Former D.C. Council member Michael Brown stands to serve more time in prison for new accusations that he took $100,000 in illicit contributions from a D.C. contractor for a 2008 run.
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Washington Among The Most Targeted Cities For Homeowner Scams

There are a backlog of foreclosures on homes in the Washington area, which is contributing to an epidemic of scams targeting homeowners in need of help.

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Two Women Shot In Alexandria, Putting Schools In Lockdown

Two women were shot in residential Alexandria on Thursday morning, prompting a lockdown of local schools that has since been lifted.

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Siblings Charged In Disappearance Of Virginia Police Reservist

Police Capt. Kevin Wayne Quick has been missing since Saturday, and Virginia State Police have made their first arrests, targeting Quick's siblings.

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Cheating Scandals Rock The Military

Earlier this week, the Navy disclosed that it had suspended 30 sailors on suspicion of cheating on exams to operate nuclear reactors. This follows a string of scandals across several branches of the military, and is leading some to question how the Pentagon is handling ethics in its ranks.

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McDonnells Barred From 'Substantive' Talk On Case With Family, Friends

Ahead of their July trial, former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen have been forbidden from discussing their case with family and friends who may be witnesses in the case.

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Heroin: Trends Locally And Nationally

Last summer, a McLean, Va., high school student died last from a mix of heroin and a common antihistamine. We look at what's fueling an increase in heroin use locally and nationally, particularly among teens and young adults.