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Lanier Updates Investigation Into Arrested Officers

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says the three police officers busted in an internal affairs sting operation will be charged with attempting to receive stolen property.

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D.C. Police Arrested In Sting Operation

In the District, three metropolitan police department officers are under arrest after a sting operation.

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Va. Prosecutor: Familial DNA Testing Could Have Caught Rapist

Authorities involved in the East Coast Rapist investigation say a suspect could have been arrested even sooner with the help of something called familial DNA testing.

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Va. Ready To Prosecute In East Coast Rapist Case

Officers involved in the arrest of a man thought to be the East Coast Rapist say they always expected a tip from the public would help them solve the case.

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Arlington County Seeks Deadbeat Taxpayers

In the dead of night, when most people in Virginia are sleeping, Arlington County tax specialists are out looking for deadbeat taxpayers.