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Outreach For Rapist Case Produces Leads

Police are using electronic billboards and a Web site in their efforts to catch a man known as the East Coast Rapist. Officials say their efforts are generating leads.

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D.C. Official: Breathalyzer Program Still Months Away

Authorities in D.C. say they are at least several months away from fixing the city's faulty breathalyzer program.

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Major Push To Trap 'East Coast Rapist'

The FBI and local police are launching a new effort to catch the so-called "East Coast Rapist," believed responsible for attacks on 17 women since 1997.

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Officers Charged With Taking Financial Cut From Auto Shop

In Maryland, 31 Baltimore police officers have been suspended, 17 of whom are facing conspiracy and extortion charges.

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Metro Crime Highest In Five Years

Metro crime statistics show the transit agency has hit a five-year high in the number of rapes, robberies and assaults.