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Virginia Lawmakers Push For Strictest Limits On Police Surveillance In U.S.

Virginia lawmakers say they have the votes to overturn amendments Governor Terry McAullife made to legislation putting limitations on how the government can use surveillance technology.
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One Person Dead Outside NSA Gates At Fort Meade, Maryland

Two people are being treated for injuries outside the gates at Fort Meade in Anne Arundel County Monday norning, though details are forthcoming.

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Faulty Police Database Could Compromise Dozens Of Criminal Cases In D.C.

Problems with a database used by D.C. Police prevented information from being shared with prosecutors in dozens of police cases — it could result in dismissals.
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'We Ruined That,' D.C. Police Chief Says About Relationship With Communities

Cathy Lanier says past policing strategies created an environment of mistrust that officers are still working to overcome.

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After-School Program Puts Message Of Respect Where Baltimore's Eyes Can See It

In a city where 15 juveniles were murdered last year, a Latino youth program is spreading a message of unity and nonviolence.

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Citizens Weigh In On Fairfax County Police Practices Following John Geer Shooting

The practices of the Fairfax County Police Department have long been shrouded in mystery, despite a number of high-profile deaths at the hands of officers. That is poised to change with the inaugural meeting of a review commission.

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Commission To Review Fairfax County Police Practices Meets Monday

Almost a decade ago, the Culosi family lost their son Sal when he was killed in a police raid of his home for taking bets on football games. On Monday night, a commission will meet to create proposals to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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Ex-FBI Agent Matthew Lowry Charged On 64 Counts For Stealing Heroin Evidence

The former FBI agent who last year was found slumped over the wheel of his vehicles surrounded by baggies that once contained evidence in drug investigations has been charged with 64 criminal counts.

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Glitch In D.C. Police Database Has Prosecutors Concerned About Missing Data

A glitch in a Metropolitan Police Department database has prosecutors in D.C. scrambling to find out whether key information was withheld from defense attorneys.
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Does The Fairfax County Police Department Operate In The Sunshine?

In honor of Sunshine Week, an initiative to educate the public about open government and the dangers of excessive secrecy, Virginia reporter Michael Pope sat down with Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler to talk about charges that his department lacks transparency.