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Eastern Shore Man's Arm Amputated After Dispute Over Insane Clown Posse Tattoo

Two men on Maryland's Eastern Shore allegedly attacked another man, burning him and forcing part of his arm to be amputated in a dispute over a tattoo.

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27 Indicted For Involvement In Baltimore Heroin Ring

The Baltimore State's Attorney's Office says the months-long investigation targeted neighborhoods in West Baltimore.
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Maureen McDonnell's Former Chief Of Staff Draws Back The Curtain At Corruption Trial

Mary-Shea Sutherland says she never detected a romantic relationship between former Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell and businessman Jonnie Williams.
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Police Temporarily Close Nightclub Where 'The Wire' Actor Was Stabbed

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier ordered the downtown nightclub Cafe Asia to be closed for four days. She's also asking that the club's license to sell alcohol be revoked.
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Fake Cab Driver Pleads Guilty For Robbing Drunk Riders Of $200,000

A man from Maryland has pleaded guilty to offering rides to intoxicated people and then using their ATM cards to withdraw money from their bank accounts.
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Plaintiff In D.C. Gun Ruling Says City Would Be Safer With Concealed Carry

George Lyon, one of the plaintiffs in the recent ruling that tossed out the D.C. ban on carrying handguns outside the home, says that concealed carry rights would make everyone safer, but is willing to compromise on how and where carrying is allowed.
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'The Wire' Actor Anwan Glover Stabbed At D.C. Nightclub Saturday Night

An actor known for playing a gang member in HBO's 'The Wire" was attacked and stabbed at a D.C. nightclub on Saturday night.

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Police: Credit And Debit Cards Hacked At Ocean City Businesses

Investigators say an out-of-state credit card processing company was hacked by a virus that was passed on unknowingly to various businesses in the resort area and their point-of-sale systems.
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ANC Commissioner Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Homeless Man

Dupont Circle ANC Commissioner Leo Dwyer is suspected of assaulting a man with cleaning liquid. The alleged incident is being investigated as a hate crime.
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Like Other Cities, D.C. Moves To 'Ban The Box' On Job Applications

Starting later this year, D.C. employers will no longer be able to ask potential employees about their criminal histories until after a conditional job offer is made.