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Judge Denies Gag Order In Severance Case

A Loudoun County judge is rejecting a request for a gag order from a man wanted for questioning in the shooting deaths of three Alexandria residents.
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Prince William Jail Tells Story Of Early American Crime and Punishment (Rebroadcast)

For 70 years the Prince William Jail held murderers, arsonists, horse thieves and lunatics. But over the decades, the history of this 19th-century detention facility was plastered over as the building was re-purposed as a private residence, a school, and finally a county office.

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It's Your Turn

It's your turn to weigh in on the week's headlines, including the wild week in Virginia politics.

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Maryland Thief Hops Off With Bunny Suit

Prince George's County police are asking the public to be on the lookout for a 6-foot-tall, gray and white bunny.
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Ban the Box in D.C.

Last week, the DC Council moved legislation forward that would help former prisoners get past the first hurdle in job hunting. We explore the issues around "Ban the Box" legislation.

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Fairfax County High School Band Leader Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Teenager

A high school band teacher in Fairfax County has been arrested and charged with soliciting a 14-year-old boy.
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Rape Charges Against Alexandria Sheriff's Deputy Dismissed, Other Charges Remain

Former Sheriff's Deputy Bryant still faces charges that he had sex with an inmate in the Alexandria jail, which is a felony.
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Montgomery County Forms Task Force To Combat Human Trafficking

If residents don't think there is a problem with human trafficking in Montgomery County, Police Chief Thomas Manger says think again.
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Lawyers For Charles Severance Call For Gag Order In Gun Charge Case

Charles Severance has been identified as a "person of interest" in three Alexandria shooting deaths, but while being held on an unrelated gun charge in Loudoun County, investigators may be barred from speaking to the media.

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Another Person Linked To Jeffrey Thompson Falls; Who's Next?

Another guilty plea brings to seven the total number of people who have fallen due to their association with D.C. businessman Jeffrey Thompson. Here's a summary of what they pleaded guilty to.