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Cardin Likens Voting Ban For Felons To Jim Crow Laws

Lawmakers say a bill granting the vote to felons who have served their time is intended to address a racial divide in voter eligibility.

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Virginia Uber Driver Arrested For Second-Degree Sexual Assault

Detectives have arrested a 31-year-old Alexandria man who has been charged with second-degree sexual assault for allegedly touching a woman after picking her up using Uber.

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McDonnell Corruption Trial Begins Monday

It's a first for the Commonwealth of Virginia on Monday, as Bob McDonnell becomes the first governor of Old Dominion to face potential jail time.

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In First Week Of New Law, D.C. Police Write Five Tickets For Pot Possession

Police in the District of Columbia issued five citations for marijuana possession in the first week of a new law that decriminalized possessing small amounts of marijuana.
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Six Arrested Under Suspicion Of Killing Homeless Man

A 17-year-old girl and five men between the ages of 18 to 23 are all charged with first degree murder.
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Women Charged With Funneling Money To Extremist Group

The two women, one from Virginia and the other from Washington state, are charged with providing material support to a foreign terrorist network.
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Former Redskins Player Fred Davis Sought On Domestic Violence-Related Charge

The athlete has been charged with assault in connection to a domestic violence incident in D.C.
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Investigation Underway After Fatal Police Shooting In Montgomery County

Montgomery County police are investigating a shooting yesterday during which a 54-year-old Silver Spring brandished a knife and was subsequently shot by officers.

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Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Threatened Officers In Bank

The middle-aged man threatened officers with knives inside a Capital One bank in Silver Spring.
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Rockville Couple Charged For Allegedly Abusing Autistic Sons

The couple is now free on bond after being charged for allegedly locking their adult children in a basement.