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Is Teen Sexting Worth Jail Time? Virginia Commission Eyes Milder Penalties

Teenagers who text sexually explicit images of themselves face stiff penalties that were originally intended for child pornographers, an issue with which the Virginia State Crime Commission is wrestling.

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Georgetown Student Who Made Ricin In Dorm Sentenced To One Year In Prison

Former Georgetown student Daniel Milzman has been sentenced to a year in prison for making ricin in his dorm room, an illegal act he said was inspired by the hit show "Breaking Bad."
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Lanier Pushes Back Against Criticisms Of D.C. Police Tactics

At a D.C. Council hearing on Monday, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier defended police tactics and said that African American residents were not targeted for searches and arrests.
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Minority Report In Maryland? Hagerstown Implements Predictive Policing

Can police predict crime using algorithms and computer models? Police in Hagerstown, Maryland, are already using the technology, despite criticism from groups like the ACLU.

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Friends To Celebrate Ninth Birthday Of Relisha Rudd On Wednesday

It's been more than seven months since the disappearance of Relisha Rudd from D.C. General, and friends will honor the girl Wednesday on her ninth birthday.

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Police Confirm Remains Are Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham

The news marks the end of an emotional search that spanned more than a month and attracted national attention.
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Virginia Considers Thorny Question: Should It Collect DNA From All Convicts?

Virginia collects DNA from convicted felons, and now there are calls for further expansion of the state's DNA database to include those convicted of misdemeanors — a possibility that worries many civil libertarians.
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Two Universities Investigating Links To D.C. Rabbi Charged With Voyeurism

After a prominent rabbi was arrested on voyeurism charges, several local universities where he taught classes are reaching out to students who may have had contact with him.
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Should Cameras Be Allowed In Court For The Trial Of Charles Severance?

A coalition of media organizations, including WAMU 88.5 News, is advocating for cameras in the courtroom to cover the trial of Charles Severance, a former Alexandria resident who is charged in three high-profile murders.
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D.C. Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student In Classroom

Symone Greene, 22, reportedly had sex with a student on her first day on the job at Options Public Charter school in Northeast D.C.