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The Role Of Diplomats In The 21st Century

After the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya, there's new focus on what it means to be a diplomat in a dangerous world. Kojo explores the role diplomacy plays in American foreign policy.

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Egypt’s Emerging Democracy

In the face of public pressure, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is apparently backing away from an attempt to dramatically expand his power. Diane and her guests discuss Egypt’s fragile democracy and its new role on the world stage.

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Friday News Roundup - International

Syrian rebels get anti-aircraft weapons. Libya singles out an Islamist leader in the Benghazi raid. And Iranian hackers renew attacks on U.S. banks.

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Free Speech: A Global Debate

An Internet video insulting the Prophet Muhammad sparked riots, but also an international debate about the limits of freedom of speech.

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Adjunct Professors Unite: Labor Rights On College Campuses

As universities increasingly rely on part-time teaching staff, many of those adjuncts are organizing for better pay and benefits.

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A Cloudy Future For The War In Afghanistan

As violence ramps up in Afghanistan, U.S. officials signal plans to scale back ambitious plans for a peace deal with the Taliban.

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Environmental Outlook: Elephants And The Ivory Trade

Tens of thousands of African elephants are being slaughtered every year to meet demand for ivory in China, the Philippines and Thailand. Inside the underground ivory trade and the future of Africa's elephants.

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"In the Shadow of the Banyan"

Author Vaddey Ratner has written a novel based on her experience growing up in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge as a way to honor the memory of those, including her father, who did not survive. We talk with her about making peace with the past and moving forward with purpose.

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Behind The Protests In Libya And Pakistan

Protests in Libya and Pakistan are prompting calls to reign in militias and retaliate for an anti-Muslim video. Kojo explores reaction to the death of a U.S. ambassador and the bounty on the head of an American filmmaker.