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88.3 Ocean City: Encouraging service and friendship among youth

The Ocean City-Berlin Optimist Club is a nonprofit organization founded to aid and encourage the development of youth.

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Community Minute: Dance instruction and performances for people of all ages

Joy of Motion Dance Center is a nonprofit organization bringing dance to the Washington, D.C., community. 

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Community Minute: Helping children and families lead healthy, productive lives

Concerned Black Men National (CBM) provides guidance, support, and encouragement to children and families, positioning them to lead healthy, productive lives.

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88.3 Ocean City: Health professionals serving the Eastern Shore region

The Eastern Shore Area Health Education Center (AHEC) works to increase the number of health care providers in the Eastern Shore region.

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Community Minute: Encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity among immigrant women

Empowered Women International (EWI) helps immigrant, refugee and low-income women build small businesses and become creative entrepreneurs.

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Community Minute: Empowering Latino youth to reach their full potential

Identity, Inc. is a community-based organization located in Montgomery County, Md., that serves Latino youth and their families.

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88.3 Ocean City: Encouraging homeownership in the city of Salisbury

Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Services is a nonprofit organization working to facilitate homeownership and community investment opportunities in the city of Salisbury, Md.

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Community Minute: Helping students pursue academic excellence

The Posse Foundation is a nonprofit organization which identifies students overlooked by traditional college selection processes and provides them with opportunities to pursue personal and academic excellence.

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Community Minute: Foreclosure counseling and affordable housing in Prince George's Co.

Housing Initiative Partnership (HIP) is a nonprofit organization developing affordable housing and providing housing counseling in Prince George’s Co., Md.

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88.3 Ocean City: Enhancing the marine habitat in Ocean City, Md.

The Ocean City Reef Foundation works to enhance the marine habitat through the creation and monitoring of artificial reef systems.