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A walk in memory of the victims of Sept. 11 attacks

On the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Americans across the country are paying tribute to the victims and to their families. In Washington, D.C., people of all faiths are gathering to honor the memory of the victims and striving to unite D.C. residents through remembrance and community service activities.

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Helping homeless individuals and families in Northern Virginia

Homelessness in the Washington, D.C., region has risen 2 percent and family homelessness has increased 9.5 percent since 2007, according to the Washington Area Council of Governments.* One local organization is working to reverse the trend and get homeless individuals and families back on their feet.

*Statistic from the Washington Area Council of Governments, January 2011.

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Rebuilding lives and homes with reclaimed materials, green jobs training

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, about 40 percent of annual landfill waste -- almost 136 million tons per year -- is building materials. The Recycled Building Network is working to change that statistic by using old material to build new homes.

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88.3 Ocean City: Advocating for people with epilepsy

Epilepsy Association of the Eastern Shore focuses on educating educators and other school officials on how to manage students' epilepsy.

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Arts instruction for children and art therapy for adults

CREATE provides art instruction for students aged 2 to 16, as well as art therapy for children and adults of all ages.

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Breaking down barriers to homeownership for low-income families

Mi Casa makes the dream of home ownership achievable for people of all means in the D.C. region.

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88.3 Ocean City: Support for victims of domestic violence on the Eastern Shore

The Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence provides everything from a roof over one's head to a shoulder to cry on for victims of domestic violence.

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College prep assistance for students in the District

College Bound aims to show all students in D.C. that college is an option for them, and to help them make it there.

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Matching volunteers with organizations in need of help

One group in Alexandria serves as a sort of staffing agency for other nonprofits, dealing in volunteers.

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88.3 Ocean City: Support for women with breast cancer

A group of breast cancer survivors aims to help those patients recently diagnosed cope with the disease.