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'Horrific' And 'Surreal': The Words We Use To Bear Witness

After more than a week of gruesome media coverage, linguist Geoff Nunberg takes a close look at the words we use to describe events that mesmerize and horrify, that sensitize and desensitize, that transfix and repel us at the same time.

Tragedy In Real Time: Living A Terrible Week, Vicariously

The Boston Marathon bombings. The fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas. The defeat of gun control legislation. We absorbed these past six days in an instantaneous, nonstop, firsthand-but-once-removed way that now defines our communal experiences.

A Week Of Tension, Fear And Now Answers, Hopefully

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon looks back on the week of surreal news, often in flux, out of Boston following the apprehension of one of the suspects in the marathon bombing Monday.

Week In Politics: Why Gun Control Failed In The Senate

Robert Siegel talks to regular political commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss gun control legislation.

In NPR's New Building, Everything Will Be Better ... Again

NPR special correspondent Susan Stamberg has worked in all four of NPR's locations since it went on the air in 1971. As the company moves into its bigger space, Stamberg once again shepherds us to our new home.

At The Spelling Bee, Spelling Is No Longer Enough

Starting this year, competitors in the National Spelling Bee will not only have to know how to spell a word, but they'll also have to know what it means.