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Commentary: Higher Interest Rates On Student Loans Could Have Long-Term Implications

Student loans interest rates will double from 3.4 to 6.8 percent in July, if Congress doesn't intervene. Commentator John DeGioia, president of Georgetown University, talks about the long-term effects this will have on our country.


Evelyn Waugh's 'Scoop': Journalism Is A Duplicitous Business

The fictional tale about war correspondents will make you laugh till the person next to you on the subway thinks you have problems. It is also, according to writer Alexander Nazaryan, an all-too-real parody of the glory days of print journalism.

My Father, The Pilot

We tend to think we have our parents figured out, but we often don't. Reporter Monique Parsons knew her dad as a mild-mannered avocado farmer who rarely strayed from home. On this Father's Day, Parsons tells the story of how she discovered that her father was actually a fearless pilot.

Did ATMs Represent The Dawn of the Digital Era?

Weekend Edition Saturday Scott Simon remembers the controversy when the first Automatic Teller Machines started popping up in the 1970s. Today there's an electronic transaction, and record of just about everything we say, read, purchase or do.

Jeannette Walls' 'Silver Star' Lacks Spunk And Direction

The novel is about two sisters, aged 12 and 15, who travel cross-country after their mother abandons them. Reviewer Meg Wolitzer says that not only the characters are adrift in this book, the story itself seems unsure of what it wants to be.

The Courage To Cross An Ocean, Explored In 'TransAtlantic'

Colum McCann's novel TransAtlantic weaves together disparate historical figures and times. Reviewer Rosecrans Baldwin says that while some sections are uneven, the book rolls over you like a wave, crashing and building upon itself.

An Abandoned Racehorse Finds Love On The Home Stretch

America loves racehorses in movies and books, and we love to watch them in races like Saturday's Belmont Stakes. Yet we also slaughter them by the thousands, for their meat. It's a business, not a love story. But on a small farm in Maryland, a love story happens anyway.

The Speech Eisenhower Never Gave On The Normandy Invasion

The Allied invasion of the French coast of Normandy took place this week in 1944. In case that highly risky invasion had failed, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower had drafted a speech taking full responsibility. Fortunately, he never had to deliver it.