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Is Walmart A Magnet For American Mayhem?

One customer was nabbed by police for sampling raw meat in a Pennsylvania store. A family of five was living in a car at a Walmart in Florida. And at a store in Missouri, a girl had a run-in with a monkey. At any given moment, there are 850,000 Americans inside a Walmart store. Something weird is bound to happen.

The NCAA And The So-Called 'Student-Athlete'

Student-athletes are being used and abused by the NCAA, says commentator Frank Deford, and a new article supports his view. The article provides ample evidence that student-athletes are lacking in their rights as American citizens.

A Bolt Out Of The Blue: Mourning A Man And A Myth

Lightning struck twice in author Brad Meltzer's family — literally. In a piece dedicated to the memory of his father, he examines the familiar, and familial, tale of one fateful summer at Camp Na-sho-pa.

Ron Paul: It's Not Government's Job To Take Care Of Uninsured

Paul's assertion was less controversial than the response from some in the crowd at the GOP debate who said they approved of the government letting the uninsured die.

Grieving Dad In Touching Sept. 11 Photo 'Was Just Honoring Rob'

When Robert Peraza knelt to say a prayer for the son he lost on Sept. 11, 2001, photographer Justin Lane caught the moment. It's one of the most-viewed images from Sunday's 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

'Sparks Flew' At GOP Debate; Perry Took Most Of The Fire

The other Republican presidential contenders spent much of the evening going after Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Some Tea Party supporters who were in the audience didn't like what they heard about him.

Whatever Happened To Sportsmanship?

Serena Williams' recent outburst against an umpire at the U.S. Open represented poor sportsmanship, some say, and could have excluded her from a Grand Slam tournament. Professors and referees point to high salaries and contract pressures as the likely cause of the increase of angry athletes.

Tina Brown's Must-Reads: The Women Of The World

The Newsweek editor looks at how women helped end the civil war in Liberia, how they're changing the state of marriage throughout Asia and the rise of Christine Lagarde to the top of that notoriously male-dominated institution, the International Monetary Fund.

Rumsfeld Calls Paul Krugman's Sept. 11 Column 'Repugnant'

Krugman wrote that "the memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned" by President George W. Bush and others. Rumsfeld, Bush's Defense secretary, is angry.

No Must-Sees In Fall Crop Of Network TV

High-profile changes in returning shows --Two and a Half Men and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation — offer the most excitement in broadcast TV this fall. Critic David Bianculli says the new shows mostly disappoint, though you may be intrigued by Sarah Michelle Gellar in CW's Ringer.