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Commentary: 'Ambitious Goal' To Address Unemployment In D.C.

To address D.C.'s miserable unemployment rate, Brookings Institution fellow Martha Ross says the District needs to embrace a concrete decade-long goal to get its young people on track for full-time work.

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Commentary: Protecting Children Is An Adult's Job

Commentator Michele Booth Cole talks about what adults can do to protect children from sexual abuse.
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Kaine, Allen Face Off In Virginia Senatorial Debate

Tim Kaine and George Allen squared off in the first debate of the 2012 Virginia Senate race. Debate moderator Bob Gibson weighs in on what we learned from the day's discussion.

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Finding Jobs For D.C.'s Ex-Offenders

Half of D.C. residents who have served time in prison or jail may be unemployed, according to a new report from the Council for Court Excellence. Commentator June Kress says this threatens the city's long-term economic health and public safety, and tells the story of James -- one such offender. 

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One Family's Choice To Go TV-Free

Many children now spend far more time watching TV than reading, something that commentator Bonnie Auslander wasn't happy to see happening in her own home. Now, at her home, the trend is going in the other direction.

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Survey: Job Satisfaction For Federal Workers Down

Survey results show that job satisfaction amongst federal workers is down 1.5 percent this year -- Ed O'Keefe of the Washington Post offers insight the meaning behind the discrepancies between agencies.

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Halloween Commentary: The Guilt Of The Candy

Halloween conjures images of costumed children trick-or-treating through neighborhoods, lugging sacks full of candy. But for mother of six Vineeta Ribeiro, Halloween is fraught with tough decisions and more than one serving of guilt.

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'Anonymous' Commentary: Shakespeare's One Of Us

A new film out today called Anonymous questions the authorship of Shakespeare’s works and are based on the premise that British nobleman Edward de Vere was responsible for his enduring plays. Commentator Norman Allen, a playwright and an educator, cries foul at the notion that only the elite can achieve greatness.

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Fred Fiske Says Farewell

Longtime Washington broadcaster and commentator, Fred Fiske, marks the 64th anniversary of his radio career with a look back at his life and some final words.

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Youth Voices: Sibling Rivalry Not A Competition

Youth Voices commentator Tailor Coble found her sibling rivalry was less about being better and more about being herself.