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Fishing Versus Farming: Aquaculture And The Future Of Chesapeake Bay Oysters

Maryland's oyster trade is evolving as more watermen give up "hand tonging" and move into aquaculture.

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How A Maryland Hatchery Is Helping Chesapeake Bay Oysters Bounce Back

A team at the Horn Point Oyster Hatchery in Maryland is fast at work on their mission to repopulate the Chesapeake Bay with nearly 1 billion oysters a year.

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MWAA Adopts Stormwater Regulations, Potentially Delaying Silver Line Phase 2

On the construction of second phase of the Silver Line, MWAA has opted to comply with state environmental regulations governing stormwater runoff into the Chesapeake Bay watershed, potentially adding additional costs and construction time.

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Watchdog Group Says EPA Could Be Underestimating Bay Pollution

An absence of monitoring along Eastern Shore rivers makes it impossible to check the runoff from Maryland poultry farms, according to the Environmental Integrity Project.

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Scientists Worry About Future of Often-Overlooked Bay Species: The American Eel

There are few fish as mysterious as the American Eel. This slimy enigma can be found seemingly everywhere, from open oceans to the Chesapeake’s outer swamps. But these eels, once bountiful in our region, are now becoming more rare.
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This Week on Metro Connection: On the Bay

We hit the water as we explore the people and places around the Chesapeake Bay, including watermen, boat-building, crab-picking, and rain tax-paying.
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Door to Door: Solomons Island, Md., and Kent Island, Md.

It's our weekly trip around the region. This time around, we'll visit two Chesapeake Bay communities: Solomons Island, Md. and Kent Island, Md.
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Boat Builders Keep Traditions Alive in Tiny Maryland Town

The tiny town of Oxford, Md. is a pretty sleepy community. But for people who love boats and spending time on the water, it's a very important place.
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Captain Rachel Dean: High School Teacher by Weekday, Waterman by Weekend

Captain Rachel Dean has been working on the water for years — but don't call her a "waterwoman." The southern Maryland native says she and her fellow female watermen — while a minority — are every bit as hard-working as the boys.
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Environmentalists, Anti-Tax Activists Battle Over Stormwater Fees To Help the Bay

Environmental activists and EPA administrators agree that there are few things more important to the health of the Chesapeake than paying more attention to stormwater runoff flowing into the bay. But should people pay for that runoff?