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As 'Save the Bay' Movement Matures, Are We Closer to Cleaning Up the Chesapeake?

Fifty years ago, a group of Baltimore businessmen got together and cooked up a plan to create an organization dedicated to the health of the Chesapeake Bay. A half century later, is the Chesapeake Bay Foundation any closer to achieving its goals of cleaning up the bay?
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Local Crab-Picking Industry Struggles Amid Low Harvests, Global Competition

As Congress contemplates immigration reform, the future of the seasonal crab-picking workforce is up in the air.
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Remembering the Heyday of a Chesapeake Bay Amusement Park

Back in the day, Tolchester Beach was more or less the Coney Island of the Chesapeake Bay. Now, the tiny Tolchester Beach Revisited Museum tries to keep the park's memory alive.
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'Biodiversitree' Project Studies Health Of Tree Species

Scientists in Maryland are conducting a 100-year experiment to understand the role trees play in promoting biodiversity.

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Dire Warnings About The Future Of Maryland's Smith Island (Part Two)

In the second of two stories on Smith Island, we'll talk with Maryland officials and climate-change experts about the prospects for this tiny spit of land in the Chesapeake Bay.

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Can Smith Island Survive Climate Change?

Smith Island may be famous for its cakes, but it's becoming even more well known for the bleak future scientists are painting for the island and its residents.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Fame

This week we'll delve into stories of famous and infamous Washingtonians, and once-celebrated but nearly-forgotten history.

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Why Are Yellow Perch Disappearing From Our Rivers?

For years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been trying to figure out why yellow perch, which spawn in rivers feeding into the Chesapeake Bay, are reproducing at lower and lower levels.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Hall Of Fame

We'll reach into the Metro Connection archives this week and bring you some of our favorite stories from the past year.

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Sunken Ship DeBraak Reveals Its Secrets, Two Centuries Later

Two hundred and fifteen years after a British navy ship sank off the coast of Delaware, the public can now view the ship's remains.