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Consumer Confidence Jumps To Pre-Recession Level, Survey Shows

The rise could spell good news for the economy if it means the crucial holiday shopping season will bring strong sales for retailers. It also might be an indicator of how voters will be feeling when they go to the polls.

Gangnam Style: Three Reasons K-Pop Is Taking Over The World

How Korea added pop music to its list of global exports.

Kelp For Farmers: Seaweed Becomes A New Crop In America

Seaweed farms off the coast of Connecticut may provide financial relief for farmers and environmental benefits for the ocean, not to mention tasty inspiration for chefs. The plant is used in many products from biofuels to cosmetics. But the big question is: Will Americans eat the stuff?

Pentagon Revising Cyber Rules Of Engagement

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told business leaders the Pentagon is developing capabilities to ward off attacks on the nation's infrastructure. He says foreign actors have already probed key systems that could cause damage and even death — and the Pentagon has a key role to play in stopping such efforts.