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To Get Bailout, Greece Must Reduce Minimum Wage

The European Union and the International Monetary Fund say this will make the Greek labor market more competitive and ultimately boost growth. At one time, strong unions pushed aside a weak business lobby to secure government guarantees of high salaries including the minimum wage.

For Election News, Voters Still Turn To Old Media

A study from the Pew Research Center shows that the promise that "new media" will dominate the nominating process isn't coming true. But Twitter and other social media can reveal voters' moods, functioning like "a focus group in the wild."

Facebook: Lots Of Friends, But Stock Offering Has Risks

Roughly half of Facebook's users check in on smartphones and other mobile devices every month, but so far the company isn't making money on mobile. That's one of the potential pitfalls for the company as it prepares to sell its stock to the public.

Labor Law Change May Offer Relief For Spain's Youth

In Spain, the jobless rate for 20-somethings is a staggering 50 percent. This week, the government is expected to announce plans to overhaul the country's two-tier labor system in an effort to help the so-called "ni ni" generation — Spanish for those neither in school, nor working.

U.S.Firm Wins Contract To Print Olympic Tickets

Some British companies are fuming over where the tickets for this summer's London Olympic games are being printed. Specialty printer Weldon, Williams and Lick in Fort Smith, Arkansas, won the contract.

Investors Confident Greek Debt Crisis Will Be Fixed

Optimism and Greek debt are rarely heard in a sentence together but there's hope, at least for the moment. Leaders in Greece are working on a plan needed to receive another international bailout, and market players think a deal is close. The country faces bankruptcy next month unless it can secure the next round of emergency funding.

Chinese Labor Practices Sour Apple Consumers

Apple products' manufacturers have been accused of exposing workers to toxic chemicals, hiring the underage, and improperly disposing of waste. Host Michel Martin talks with C-Net Editor Rafe Needleman about whether it's possible to make an ethical smartphone.