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Settlement Spotlights Upstart N.Y. Regulator

Until this week, Benjamin Lawsky was a little-known banking regulator in New York. His aggressive pursuit of a $340 million settlement over a British bank's financial ties to Iran has put him in the spotlight, stunning the financial world but also rubbing federal regulators the wrong way.

In Wall Street 2.0, Computers Are King

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks to Sean Gourley, physicist and founder of, about the computers that trade stock shares faster than human minds can comprehend.
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Dennis Drabelle: "The Great American Railroad War"

The story of the Central Pacific Railroad, two writers -- Ambrose Bierce and Frank Norris -- and their battle in print against one of America's most powerful corporations.


Rwandan Coffee Farmers Turn Premium Beans Into Harvest Gold

The rising popularity of premium coffee in the U.S. is having a direct positive effect on some of the poorest farmers in the world. Freelance photographer Jonathan Kalan has seen it firsthand, and explains how this business sprung up in Rwanda and how it continues to benefit the family farmers.
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When Children Fly Alone

At least one airline is under fire over its approach for minors flying unaccompanied on their planes.


Insurer Will Pay In Case That Quickly Went Viral

Matt Fisher's sister was killed in a 2010 car accident caused by another driver. Her insurance company resisted paying her estate. Fisher wrote a blog post about the case. Now the story is national.
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Virginia Lottery Winning Big

The Virginia Lottery is feeling lucky, as the state-run gambling system is posting record profits.


Competing Against The Nicest Guy In Town

When salesmen can't compete on price, they try to out-nice each other.