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Some Nonprofits Look Suspiciously Like Forprofits

Steve Inskeep talks to David Evans, of Bloomberg Markets magazine, about his article in the current issue, which focuses on the plethora of nonprofits — not charities, hospitals, or religious groups — that claim tax-exempt status even though they make millions in profits.

A 'Green' Gold Rush? Calif. Firm Turns Trash To Gas

California starts the ball rolling Wednesday on a controversial scheme to keep the planet from overheating: Businesses will have to get a permit if they emit greenhouse gases. And one California company is hoping to get in on the ground level, by turning trash into biomass energy.

Bigwigs Out At Microsoft And Apple. Now What?

Steven Sinofsky and Scott Forstall, instrumental figures at two of the world's biggest tech companies, have left their positions. What does that mean for the future of those companies?

At Life's End, A Final Home On The (Shooting) Range

Many people keep the cremated remains of a loved one in an urn or scatter the ashes over a favorite place. But one company in Alabama has pioneered a new twist to honor the dead: It will put your beloved's ashes into ammunition.

How The Alternative Minimum Tax Could Slam You

The alternative minimum tax is looming over about 27 million more taxpayers this year. It's just one part of the so-called fiscal cliff — a big cluster of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes that will occur if Congress does not act. Those taxpayers could end up paying an average of $3,700 more without a fix.

Motor Trend Names Tesla S Car Of The Year, First Electric Car To Receive Honor

This is the first time in the award's 64-year history that the honor goes to a car without an internal combustion engine. The magazine said the Model S is a testament to the greatness of American engineering.

Alternative Minimum Tax And Your Bottom Line

If the government goes over the "fiscal cliff," millions of households could see tax increases because of an obscure part of the tax code, known as the Alternative Minimum Tax. Host Michel Martin talks with NPR Business Editor Marilyn Geewax about exactly what could happen and who would be affected.

Female Drivers Now Outnumber Men

Men have always outnumbered women on America's roads, but that's no longer the case. According to the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute, the switchover happened in 2010.