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House Votes Down 5-Year Farm Bill

Members of the House on Thursday rejected the measure, studded with Republican priorities. In the past, the farm bill has been a model of bipartisan support. But defections in both parties spelled the bill's doom.

China's Credit Crunch Felt Across Financial Markets

The lending rate between Chinese banks spiked dramatically on Thursday, creating a credit crunch. Renee Montagne talks to NPR Shanghai correspondent Frank Langfitt about the turbulence in China's banking system, and how authorities in Beijing are responding.

Instagram Expands With Video Feature

This move pits Facebook against Twitter, which owns the six-second video-sharing service, Vine. Adding video brings significant change to the Instagram experience.

The Last Word In Business

Steve Inskeep has the Last Word in business.

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Steve Inskeep has business news.

How Brush Factories Survive In America

The cheapest place to make brushes these days is China. But there are still people pressing bristles into brushes in a factory in the Bronx, and in small plants across the country.

With Health Exchanges Poised To Open, PR Push Draws Scrutiny

The nonprofit Enroll America wants to encourage uninsured Americans to sign up for the exchanges when the time comes. Though the group has support across industries and from the Health and Human Services secretary, it's still been hit by congressional controversy.

Paula Deen: Child Of Dixie, Meet The Internet Age

Revelations that celebrity chef Paula Deen admitted to using a racial epithet have inspired some pretty funny punning online. But they've also raised questions whether the controversy will see Deen's buttery empire crumble.

Dow Loses 350 Points After Fed Hints It Will Stop Buying Bonds

The sharp drop follows remarks by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke that the central bank's monthly bond-buying spree could soon end. Fears over a freeze in interbank lending in China have also contributed to investor concerns.
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Frager's Owners Regroup After Devastating Fire

Donations continue to pour in for Frager's Hardware, an iconic Capitol Hill business that was devastated in a June 5 fire.