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Bank Of America To Pay $2.43 Billion In Settlement

The bank said Friday it will pay $2.43 billion to settle a lawsuit related to its purchase of Merrill Lynch in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis. Investors who owned Bank of America stock at the time brought the class-action suit, claiming bank officials made false statements about the health of both companies at the time of the merger. Bank of America denied the allegations.

Apple Is 'Extremely Sorry' For Its Much-Maligned Maps, CEO Tim Cook Says

Faced with a "public relations disaster," the company is even suggesting that while it works out the bugs customers can use Google Maps instead.

Bank Of America To Pay $2.43 Billion To Settle Class Action Lawsuit

Disgruntled investors alleged that the bank misled them about its acquisition of Merrill Lynch. The bank has not admitted doing anything wrong, but is moving to put the lawsuit behind it.

Income And Spending Both Basically Flat In August

Spending went up, but largely because gasoline cost more — not due to stronger demand.

PNC Bank's Website Is Victim Of Cyber Attack

PNC Bank says its website is the latest victim of a denial of service attack. Users who tried to access the bank's websites had trouble loading the pages, or couldn't get into their accounts. But officials say the accounts were not compromised.

7-Eleven To Tally Coffee Cup Election Results

The convenience store chain is allowing customers to choose: coffee in a blue cup for President Obama, or a red cup for Mitt Romney. And for the undecided, or those just indifferent to politics, they can request a plain cup. The company tabulates the choices at the register and results are posted daily on its 7-Election website.

Spain's Budget Cuts Likely To Provoke Protests

Europe has offered Spain up to $125 billion to recapitalize its banks. Shoring up its banks is one step Spain is taking to prevent economic collapse. The other step is to slash more than $50 billion from its budget to get spending down within legal limits set by the E.U.

They Won't Tell You Their Names, But They'll Help You Hide Your Money

A trip into the world of "asset protection" — a fancy way to say "hiding money."