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Atlanta Symphony Musicians Ratify New Contract

When the two sides couldn't reach an agreement last month, players were locked out of the Woodruff Arts Center. With the season set to begin in just one week, the musicians approved a deal with $5 million in concessions.

Greek Credit Crisis Forces Winemakers, Food Canners To Adapt

One of the key challenges to Greek businesses in the wake of the financial crisis is getting credit. Some companies have turned to cash and laid off workers, but it's been difficult to find the funds to keep up production.

Freddie Mac Didn't Harm Homeowners, Inspector General Says

A federal Inspector General's report says there is no proof that Freddie Mac "obstructed homeowners' abilities to refinance their mortgages" to boost profits at the government-sponsored enterprise. Some of Freddie's investments rise when homeowners remain stuck in high-rate loans.

Badger Battle: British Animal Lovers Protest Cull

This month, the British government issued licenses allowing trained marksmen in southwest England to shoot badgers. Farmers — and many scientists — say the animals pose a health threat to cattle. But the decision has outraged British animal lovers.

If Genetically Modified Apples Don't Brown, Can You Tell If They're Rotten?

Genetically modified apples that don't go brown could become the first transgenic apple varieties approved for sale in the U.S. Scientists say they're safe to eat, but the real question is, will consumers buy them?

New Home Sales Were Flat In August, But Prices Rose Sharply

While the pace of sales barely changed, the median price was up 11.2 percent. It's another sign of a recovering housing sector.

Lesser-Known IPOs Fare Better Than Facebook's

Steve Inskeep talks to Linda Killian, of Renaissance Capita, about some lesser known initial public offerings that are proving more successful than Facebook's IPO. The social networking company's share price has lost almost 50 percent of its value since going public in the spring.

Amtrak Tests Faster Trains In Northeast Corridor

Amtrak's Acela Express trains are breaking the speed limit along some stretches in the Northeast corridor. The company it testing how its trains and tracks perform at speeds up to 165 mph. Tests are happening along four isolated stretches of track in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusett