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Yahoo Tempts Workers To Dump BlackBerry Phones

Over the weekend, Yahoo announced it would buy employees the smartphone of their choice as long as it is not a BlackBerry. It will pick up the tab --- with a data plan — for the brand new iPhone 5 and the yet-to-be-released Windows Phone 8.

White House To Launch Trade Case Against China

The Obama administration reportedly will file a complaint against China at the World Trade Organization in Geneva Monday. The case charges China subsidizes its cars and auto parts — giving it an unfair trade advantage over U.S. auto manufacturers.

Gasoline Prices Expected To Start Dropping

Average prices for regular gasoline in the U.S. have risen about 50 cents a gallon since July. But as the summer driving season ends and demand declines, prices likely will begin to fall. By November, the national average is expected to be around $3.50 a gallon.

Rwanda's Economy: An Unlikely Success Story

President Paul Kagame has changed the country by tackling problems that have plagued other African economies. He's also taking cues from East Asia's "Tiger" economies. But it's not all good news: Most citizens are still poor, and rights groups routinely blast Kagame.

To Find Truly Wild Rice, Head North To Minnesota

Processed wild rice dominates grocery store shelves, but around the Great Lakes, Native Americans still harvest it the same way their ancestors did centuries ago. This weekend, the Wild Rice Festival in Rosemont, Minn., celebrates the tradition.

Penn State's Latest Woes: There's Something In The Ice Cream

Berkey Creamery recalls ice cream and frozen yogurt after customers find plastic in their half gallons. It comes after campus police launched a criminal investigation into the tainted ice cream reports last month.

Even If You're All-Powerful, It's Hard To Fix The Economy

What happens if you slash the price of oil, save Europe and force Congress to make a grand bargain? Not as much as you might think.