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Analysis: Scandal On Gov. McDonnell's Finances Escalates

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about the latest behind McDonnell's scandal, the District's Walmart dust-up, and Maryland's transportation projects.


Is Too Much Collaboration a Bad Thing?

Software entrepreneur Jason Fried has a radical theory of working: that the office isn't a good place to do it. In his TED talk, he lays out the main problems and offers suggestions to make work work.

On The Economy: Inflation Accelerates; Fed Rumors Rise

A surge in the cost of gasoline fueled a sharp increase in wholesale prices last month. Meanwhile, Bloomberg News is reporting that former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers wants to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Despite Europe's Financial Crisis, Lativa To Adopt Euro

The words eurozone and crisis have been firmly linked together for the past half decade. Many eurozone economies have collapsed to Depression-era levels. And yet this week, the Baltic nation of Latvia, chose to join the euro. To understand that move, David Greene talks to Pauls Raudseps, economics editor of the Latvian weekly news magazine IR.

Microsoft CEO Reveals New Corporate Structure

CEO Steve Ballmer has shuffled the organizational deck at Microsoft, breaking down long-standing barriers within the company. Microsoft has been criticized for internal turf battles and slow-footed responses to changes in technology.

Apple To Appeal Ruling It Fixed E-Book Prices

A federal judge this week ruled that Apple conspired to raise prices of e-books, handing a victory to the Justice Department. Another winner in the fallout from this case was Amazon, the dominant seller of e-books.

Messy Rollout Of Health Law Echoes Medicare Drug Expansion

The history of the Medicare drug law, and Medicare itself, suggests that rough launches of health expansions don't necessarily signal a lasting failure. So, proponents say, even a misfire of the health exchanges wouldn't doom the federal overhaul.

Chuck Foley, Co-Created Twister, Dies At 82

Charles "Chuck" Foley and his business partner Neil Rabens invented the game for Milton Bradley in 1966. Twister is now manufactured by Hasbro Inc., and the company says it remains a top seller.

Will A Health Insurer Sponsor The Next 'Jackass' Movie?

Soon, all Americans will have to buy health insurance or pay a fine. This sounds like a marketer's dream. But when the product you're selling is health insurance, there are some pitfalls.

Report: Microsoft Helped NSA, FBI Get Around Encryption

The latest Guardian report on U.S. electronic surveillance says the company granted accesses to email and chat services.