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Sony To Post Layoffs In Its Cell Phone Division

The Japanese electronics company is in the middle of a restructuring. Now Sony says it'll lay off about a thousand people in its mobile phone division. The company wants to shift resources into smartphones.

Democrats, GOP Need Donors For Party Conventions

The Democratic and Republican parties are preparing for their respective nominating conventions in Tampa, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina. That means each side will depend, as usual, on donors to help pay for the events.

Is The Cloud In Gamers' Future?

The major game console makers have taken a time out to improve on what they've got. Some gamers don't see a need for an upgrade, others know what they'd like to see in new systems. One idea is to store games online, another to make consoles more attractive for non-gaming users.

In The Kitchen With The Inventor Of Steak-Umm

Eugene Gagliardi also invented KFC's popcorn chicken. And he's got some ideas about drumsticks.

Bank of America To Donate Some Foreclosed Homes

Bank of America announced this week it will give away 2,500 distressed homes to military vets and to other charities for people who are in need.