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Helen Thomas, Former Dean Of White House Press, Dies At 92

Thomas, who spent decades at the White House reporting for United Press International and later Hearst Newspapers, covered every president from Eisenhower to Obama.


Detroit Businesses See Opportunity In Bankruptcy

In Detroit, many business owners hope that filing for bankruptcy will help the city start fresh and ultimately become a thriving urban center mirroring other cities that recovered from near financial ruin.

SEC Charges Hedge Fund Billionaire Steven Cohen

The 57-year-old founder and head of SAC Capital Advisors is accused of allowing senior employees to make trades based on inside information.

The Tech Week That Was: Phone Upgrade Plans And TV's Future

We've rounded up the tech week that was — on this blog, on NPR airwaves and from our fellow technology writers and observers at other organizations.

Can Bankruptcy Boost Broke Detroit?

The city hopes a bankruptcy filing can help it deal with its multi-billion dollar debt. Host Michel Martin talks with Michael Pagano of the University of Illinois at Chicago's College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, and Rochelle Riley of the Detroit Free Press.
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The Story Of SCOTUSblog

SCOTUSblog is a little more than a decade old and runs on a budget of just a few hundred thousand dollars a year. But it's setting the pace for coverage of one of Washington's most challenging institutions to understand.


With Home Prices Soaring, Has Success Spoiled San Francisco?

The median home price in San Francisco now exceeds $1 million. With the real estate market going crazy again, prices are going up for other goods, and even the highly paid feel squeezed out.

How Do You Photograph A City's Bankruptcy?

Before Detroit, there was Stockton, Calif. Kirk Crippens says you can't photograph bankruptcy, but that hasn't stopped him from trying.

China Scraps Some Controls On Lending Interest Rates

The move is seen as a step toward liberalizing the country's interest rate regime, giving the market more control. One analyst called it a "big breakthrough in financial reforms."

Pa. City Tries Wild West Auction To Rope In Cash

Harrisburg is auctioning off thousands of items that were supposed to be included in a failed museum — including artifacts said to have ties to Wyatt Earp, Jesse James and Buffalo Bill. City leaders hope the auction will put a dent in Harrisburg's $370 million in debt.