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Off The Rails: Strike-Hit Bay Area Struggles With 'Horrible' Commutes

A strike has shut down the San Francisco area's rail system for a second day, stretching out commute times and confusing tourists and residents alike. Many people who rely on the system say they wish labor and management could just settle.

'Heart Attack On A Hook': Meet America's 'Worst Restaurant Meal'

Long John Silver's Big Catch platter has plenty of fans. But the limited-time seafood dish is anything but healthful: The fish dish, complete with onion rings and hush puppies, comes in at a whopping 33 grams of trans fats — more than two weeks' worth, according to a nutrition watchdog group.
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The Future Of The Mortgage Market

Debate over the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Efforts to privatize most of the U.S. mortgage market and what it could mean for the housing recovery.


New Kind Of Ikea Hack: Flat-Packs Head To Refugee Camps

For decades, millions of refugees around the world have lived in canvas tents. But those tents are hot during the day, cold at night, and afford little privacy. Ikea and the U.N. refugee agency are working to provide a durable and innovative alternative. Testing on the units begins this month in Ethiopia.

Private Equity Firm To Acquire Steinway Musical Instruments

Steinway Musical Instruments announced Monday that it would be acquired by the private equity firm Kohlberg and Company in a deal worth $438 million. Kohlberg says it plans to build on Steinway's 160 years of piano-making tradition and expand its sales globally.

Portugal's Budget Austerity May Do More Harm Than Good

The architect of Portugal's bailout has resigned. Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar quit Monday, citing falling public support for austerity. Gaspar has been praised in Brussels for slashing Portuguese spending, but he's reviled at home for the very same reason.

Uber To Test Helicopter Service In New York

Many city-dwellers have embraced Uber, the app that allows you to call a taxi, town car or even a limo from your smart phone and track its arrival to your location. On July 4, Uber will offer $3,000 helicopter rides.

Economic Squeeze Plays Out On Egyptian Streets

David Greene talks to Farah Halime, a Cairo-based financial journalist who writes about Egypt's economy. Whether President Morsi caves to protesters' demands to step down, whoever ends up running the country will have to deal with a terribly deteriorating economy. Halime's blog is called the

Local TV Stations Snapped Up In Buying Sprees

Chicago-based Tribune Company, newly out of bankruptcy, is trying to sell its newspaper holdings. The company is making a major play in local TV. The Sinclair Broadcasting Group owns and runs more stations but it too went on a TV buying spree this year. So have the Gannett Company and Media General.

Former Energy Secretary Wants Power Generation Decentralized

Renee Montagne talks to former Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, who stepped down in April, about the current energy boom and how he would like to change energy policy.