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Ready Or Not, 'Obamacare' Rolls Out As Planned

Millions of people have shopped for insurance on the new marketplaces called exchanges since opening day on Tuesday. Officials said it was evidence of high interest. Others criticized the fumbling start, which involved computer glitches, saying the Affordable Care Act was not ready for prime time. Renee Montagne and David Greene talk to NPR's Mara Liasson and Molly Ball, of The Atlantic, about the politicking around the new health law.

What We Learned When Twitter Filed For Its IPO

Twitter has filed to go public, and it will sell shares under the name TWTR. The IPO will initially seek to raise up to $1 billion. A look at what else the social media giant's IPO filing reveals about the seven-year-old company.

Shutdown Might Mean No Jobs Report, But Does It Matter?

The Labor Department made it official this morning. It is postponing the September jobs report because of the partial government shutdown. So, at least for a a while, Wall Street will have to do without its favorite data point. Will the missing report really be a problem? And why didn't the Labor Department just declare the report essential?
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Aerobatics Pilot Teaches Students To Dance In The Sky

Aerobatics pilot Marianne Buckley teaches people how to live on the edge high up in the sky.


Tesla's Stock Gets Burned After Car Fire And Downgrading

Twin challenges — a shift in opinion about the stock by an influential research firm and a YouTube clip of a fire that destroyed a Tesla Model S — seem to have shaken investors a bit.

How's The Sausage Made? These Folks Really Want To Share The Knowledge

Artisanal meat producers face a big barrier to getting into the game: They have to come up with a complex food safety plan that can take months of research and tens of thousands of dollars to craft. A new project wants to make it easier for the next charcuterie master to open shop by creating an open-source safety plan that newbies can look to.

Without Key Jobs Data, Markets And Economists Left Guessing

The Labor Department says it won't be releasing its closely watched monthly jobs figures as scheduled on Friday due to the government shutdown. That will leave Federal Reserve policymakers, economists and financial markets without key data for making decisions.

Treasury: New Debt Ceiling Fight Could Derail Economy

In a report, the department warns that a default could do damage to the economy to rival the Great Recession.

Jobless Claims Stay Near Six-Year Low

A scant increase last week is another sign that the labor market is on the mend, economists say. There were 308,000 first-time claims for unemployment insurance, up 1,000 from the week before.

Fashion Designer Mark Jacobs To Leave Louis Vuitton

After 16 years at Louis Vuitton, Mark Jacobs is expected to focus on an eventual IPO for his own brand, which could come within three years. Investors are interested, partly because the designer Michael Kors had a public offering in 2011, and since then shares have tripled in value.