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Defense Companies Hold Off On Pink Slips, For Now

This week, defense contractors said they would not issue layoff warnings, even though looming budget cuts could lead to big job losses in 2013. That's led to charges that the White House overstepped when it told the industry the notices are not needed.

Fallout From Financial Crisis: Thousands Of Nigerian Kids Poisoned By Lead

During the financial crisis, gold prices hit record highs as people looked for somewhere safe to park their money. In West Africa, that's had a devastating, deadly effect on children.

Holiday Jobs Come With Uncertainty For Workers

Retailers expect to hire hundreds of thousands of extra workers this holiday season to help with the anticipated spike in sales. But for seasonal retail workers, the hours can be scarce — and unpredictable — before the jobs disappear altogether following the holidays.
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Broadcast Blues: Why The Nats' Playoff Game Is On MLB Network

Most area baseball fans won't be able to watch today's Washington Nationals playoff game on television because it's airing exclusively on Major League Baseball's cable network. We find out why that is, and examine trends in sports broadcasting.

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The Tradition Of Bakeries In Our Region

Does Washington have a bakery tradition? We'll explore the range of vegan cupcakes, artisan breads, French pastries, as well as Vietnamese, Salvadoran and Ethiopian treats to be found around our region.


Candidates Tout Different Routes To 'Energy Security'

Mitt Romney has stressed ways of further increasing domestic production, while the president says better gas mileage and lowering consumption are important as well.
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Virginia Holds Tax-Free Holiday On Energy Efficient Products

Virginia is offering a tax holiday for certain energy efficient products and appliances starting Oct. 5.


Record High Prices At The Gas Pump Likely To Linger In California

Refinery and pipeline troubles pushed wholesale fuel costs to a record high this week, leading to higher gas prices for Californians. Industry watchers say those prices may not drop any time soon.

Does Your Gas Tank Hold Enough Food To Feed 22 People?

Researchers recently calculated the theoretical food value of the ethanol in a gas tank. At the heart of the calculation is this: Should we burn so much food as fuel? And how will it impact food prices and the world's poor?

For Obama, 7.8 Could Be Lucky Number

The latest jobs report was good news for President Obama and not so much for Mitt Romney, whose campaign has been predicated on the argument that a bad economy requires a change in White House occupancy.