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Ballmer's Retirement Announcement Drives Up Microsoft Stock

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's longtime CEO, says he will retire from the company within the next year. His departure is a surprise since he announced a major reorganization at Microsoft just two months ago. Ballmer will leave a company that remains influential and immensely profitable, but has struggled to adapt to mobile technology.

Cash, Cows And The Rise Of Nerd Philanthropy

Most charities get money from donors and spend it on things they think will help people — schools, medicine, farm animals. GiveDirectly just gives money away. And that poses a challenge to the more traditional charities.
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The Declining Government Workforce

The U.S. unemployment rate has been trending downward, but most of the jobs growth has been in the private sector. What a decline in government jobs means for the economy.


Three Tips For Microsoft's Next CEO

As speculation begins about who will replace Steve Ballmer as CEO, NPR's Steve Henn has some advice for his successor: Take bigger risks — and more of them. Do more to encourage innovation and don't forget the PC just yet.

Drop In New Home Sales May Be Sign Higher Rates Are Biting

The housing sector has been a bright spot for the economy. But a drop in sales of new homes last month has some economists thinking that higher mortgage rates might be sapping some of that sector's momentum.

Tech Week That Was: National Security, Privacy And Ballmer

Further fallout from the National Security Agency leaks dominated the news as the partner of a Guardian reporter was detained in the U.K. and word emerged that hard drives at the newspaper had been destroyed. And Steve Ballmer's departure announcement raised speculation about who will succeed him as Microsoft's CEO.

Time Warner Offers Customers Free Antennas To Watch CBS

Time Warner and CBS have been fighting over retransmission consent fees. The failure to reach an agreement means that for close to three weeks, Time Warner customers in some big markets have been unable to watch CBS through the cable company.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer To Retire Within A Year

The company said Friday that Ballmer will stay on until his successor is found. He has been with the company for more than 30 years, and became CEO in 2000.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer Retiring Within The Next Year

Steve Ballmer became the company's CEO in January 2000. In recent years, Microsoft has come under increasing criticism for not keeping up with the shift to mobile phones.

Obamacare To Force Millions To Upgrade Insurance

Despite promises by President Obama that people can keep the insurance they have once Obamacare is in full effect, millions will have to upgrade their policies to meet the benefit standards laid out by the Affordable Care Act. The measure will be in full swing this January.