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Flight Attendants Ratify Pact With American Airlines

American is currently seeking to cut costs in bankruptcy protection so the flight attendants' union pushed hard for this vote — warning that rejecting the contract could mean even deeper cuts or furloughs. The company's trying to cut about a billion dollars in labor costs. Mechanics and other union workers had previously accepted new contracts but pilots rejected American's latest offer earlier this month.

Worth The Deal? Groceries Get A Personalized Price

Loyalty cards have long given discounts to shoppers, but lately national grocery store chains are getting even more personal. They're offering discounts tailored to each customer's unique shopping habits, which means someone else might be getting a better price than you.

Shop Owners Hope Yogurt Smooths A Path Out Of Greek Recession

Some Greeks are realizing a food staple they've taken for granted might actually be a gold mine. At least 70 shops advertising Greek frozen yogurt have opened in Athens this year to attract tourists smitten with the now-trendy Greek style of yogurt.

She's No Man; She's A Lobsterman

In New England, more women are breaking through the glass gangway. For generations lobstermen in Maine have been predominantly, well, men — but that's starting to change.

In Weak Economy, College Grads 'Surge' Into Military

The weak economy may be bad for most Americans, but it's good for military recruiting. Since the recession began in 2007, there's been a steady increase in the number of college graduates joining the armed forces — including some who never imagined themselves in uniform.

Settlement Spotlights Upstart N.Y. Regulator

Until this week, Benjamin Lawsky was a little-known banking regulator in New York. His aggressive pursuit of a $340 million settlement over a British bank's financial ties to Iran has put him in the spotlight, stunning the financial world but also rubbing federal regulators the wrong way.

In Wall Street 2.0, Computers Are King

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks to Sean Gourley, physicist and founder of, about the computers that trade stock shares faster than human minds can comprehend.