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America's Most Expensive Storms

Six of the 10 most expensive storms since 1900 have hit since 2000. But after you adjust for increases in population and wealth, the picture looks different.

Sandy's Economic Toll Stretches Far And Wide

Initial estimates forecast that damages and lost business from Sandy could top $30 billion. The state of the New York City subway system will be a critical factor. And many businesses are suffering because they are not insured for sustained business losses due to a weather catastrophe.

Walt Disney Co. To Buy George Lucas Film Studio

The Walt Disney Co. has announced that it is buying Lucasfilm, reportedly paying more than $4 billion in stock and cash for the studio founded and owned by George Lucas. Disney says it will release a new Star Wars movie in 2015.

Halloween Spending On The Rise

The total amount of spending on Halloween this year is expected to reach $8 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. Some trends include Victorian corsets, group costumes, and fancy dress for pets.

New York Markets Set To Reopen On Tuesday

The New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are both set to reopen Tuesday. The markets were closed Monday and Tuesday as Hurricane Sandy pounded the East Coast, flooding New York's financial district.

Businesses Try To Get By During Hockey Lockout

The National Hockey League has now canceled all games through the end of November, as team owners lock out players in a labor dispute. In the meantime, there are many businesses and workers who count on hockey games to help make ends meet. But they are now trying to make due without.