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Despite Delays, Chair Lifts Coming To Public Pools

A new provision in the Americans with Disabilities Act requires pools that are open to the public to add the lifts. They were supposed to be installed by May, but the Justice Department has moved the deadline to January. While some pools continue to fight the order, this could be the last extension.
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From A To B: Craft Brewers Work Hard To Get Suds To Thirsty Masses

We visit several microbreweries to find out how they get locally-made suds to the customers who crave them.


Countrywide Gave Lawmakers, Officials Hundreds Of Discount Loans

The mortgage giant sought to buy influence in Washington with discounts given to lawmakers and their aides, a new House report concludes. It also says Countrywide may have "skirted the federal bribery statute."

Employers Added 176,000 Jobs In June, Survey Says

That could mean the nation's jobless rate ticked down in June. The unemployment figure is due for release on Friday.
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Virginia's Small Businesses Show Growth Through Downturn

Small businesses on Virginia's main streets have been surprisingly resilient through the economic downturn, a new study from the University of Virginia finds.


VA Hospital Recuits Mental Health Providers

A Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Milwaukee has begun recruiting for additional mental health providers. It's part of a nationwide effort to bring on about 1,600 new psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers to reduce wait times for treatment.

Limited Supply Of Hotel Rooms Forces Prices Higher

The hotel industry is making a comeback after being badly hit by the financial crisis. Linda Wertheimer talks to Barbara DeLollis, who reports on the hotel industry for USA Today, about how hotels are recovering.

The Farmer And The Commerce Clause

Even as it upheld most of the health care law last week, the Supreme Court limited federal power under the Constitution's Commerce Clause. Seventy years ago, an Ohio farmer sought to do the same — and lost.