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Shock Trauma Docs Grapple With Real-Life Medical Drama

We'll tour the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, which treats more than 8,000 severely injured patients each year.


S&P 500 Index Passes 1,700 Mark For First Time

The rise is being tied to a drop in weekly jobless claims, as well as assurances from the Federal Reserve that it would continue to support the U.S. economy.

Sony Plugs Back In To Profits

Sony reported Thursday that it's making money again. The Japanese company announced its net income for the latest quarter was $35 million. Much of its success came thanks to a favorable currency rate — a weak yen was key for Sony. Still, the company did see a little improvement in its smart phone sales and entertainment business.

Firm Hopes 'Owning Nashville' Will Pay Off For Investors

A new fund on the New York Stock Exchange is a collection of stocks in publicly traded companies that have one thing in common: the city they call home. The fund managers say it will be an opportunity for locals to invest in companies they know. If it succeeds, other cities could be next.

Beyond .Com: Some See Confusion In Internet Domain Expansion

As early as September new Internet suffixes — from .nyc to .google to .ngo — will begin rolling out. It's a controversial plan that raised concerns about fraud, trademark infringement and customer confusion, but the Web's governing body says those issues have been addressed.

As Back-To-School Shopping Begins, Consumers May Turn Frugal

Most economists say this year's back-to-school sales will be slower than last summer's because consumers have been coping with more expensive gasoline and higher payroll taxes. Still, several states are offering tax-free shopping to encourage purchases.

Sold! First Parcels Auctioned For Future Offshore Wind Farms

The federal government held its first ever auction for the right to build offshore wind farms on Wednesday. After 11 rounds, a Rhode Island company was the highest bidder, at $3.8 million.

Obama's Fed Pick Quandary: What Does It Mean For His Legacy?

Both Janet Yellen and Lawrence Summers have awe-inspiring credentials. So Obama's decision seems to come down to whose understanding of the economy most closely matches his own, and which candidate is likeliest to have people looking back years from now saying: "That was an inspired pick."

House Votes To Cut Student Loan Rate, Sends Bill To Obama

The Republican-controlled House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan bill that would allow undergraduates to borrow through the federal Stafford loan program at 3.9 percent for this school year.

Tampon Marketing Gets Real For The Social Media Age

An online video spot for HelloFlo breaks the familiar mold of cheesy tampon commercials in a clever way. Ad watchers say it's a reflection of the open, transparent conversations spurred by social media.