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Want Free Wi-Fi In New York? Get Near A Pay Phone

Some pay phones offer free Wi-Fi as part of New York City's experiment to breathe new life into its abandoned public phones. As the city plans to add more wireless-enabled kiosks, companies say advertising may pay for the Wi-Fi — and maybe even for free phone calls.

Ford's Little Engine That Could Challenge Hybrids

Ford Motor Co.'s new three-cylinder EcoBoost engine is one of the smallest on the vehicle market. The engine offers fuel economy numbers a hybrid could envy, but are American drivers ready to embrace a three-cylinder engine?

Wrong Number: Apple Disappoints Market With Sluggish iPhone Sales

The company announced third-quarter revenue of $35 billion, or $9.32 per share, lower than the $37.22 billion, or 10.37 per share, that Bloomberg had estimated. It's only the second time since 2003 that Apple's profit and sales failed to meet projections.

NYT Excerpt: Offshore Banking In Belize

In his New York Times column, Adam Davidson describes setting up an offshore company — and discovering that it just takes a little money and less effort.